Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, or Tel Aviv (New) Central Bus Terminal (opened on August 18, 1993) is the primary bus station in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is located in the southern part of the city. The station serves Egged, Connex, Superbus and Metropoline intercity bus routes as well as local Dan, Egged and Kavim city and suburban buses.

The Central Bus Station is the largest central bus station in the world, with a built area of 230,000 m² and a total area of 44 dunams (44,000 m²). Construction began on 14 December, 1967 but was stopped prematurely due to financial difficulties of the contractors. After stoppage of about 20 years construction was resumed and the station opened on 18 August, 1993. Plans have surfaced recently to expand the station - according to the original plan, a 10 story office building was to be built above it.

The building also features a public retail shopping mall over 7 floors, serviced by 29 escalators, 13 fast elevators and featuring more than 1,000 shops and restaurants.

Of the 7 floors only 3 are used as bus terminal.The main entrances are on the north and east sides of 4th floor. There are a few urban lines leaving from inside the station on that level, and several local lines stop at Levinsky street outside the north side of the station. Also, Sherut taxis leave from outside the east side of the station on the same level. Most intercity buses leave from a departure hall on the north (main) wing on 6th floor. On the 7th floor, which was an addition to the original building, there is a departure hall for local buses (to destinations within Gush Dan) on the north wing, and another departure hall for intercity buses (to destination in the Galilee) on the south wing. The wings of this level are completely separated.

The bottom 2 floors, which originally served local buses, are now virtually abandoned. Floors 3 and 5 are used only for shopping, and are more than half empty.

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station is located near Israel Railways' Tel Aviv HaHagana Railway Station, but there is no direct link between them.

The terminal is known for its problematic structure. Some of the floors cannot be reached easily, and general navigation through the station is difficult due to a lack of maps and guiding signs. The entire building has become a synonym for bad design.

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