Fifth Perron Ministry

Fifth Perron Ministry

The Fifth Perron Ministry was the 26th ministry to come from the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly. It was sworn in on November 30, 1992 after a major reshuffle of the ministry by Chief Minister Marshall Perron, which saw changes to the portfolio of nearly every minister. Shane Stone was appointed as the new Attorney-General, replacing Daryl Manzie, with Fred Finch taking on Stone's former role as Minister for Education and Minister for Public Employment. Max Ortmann was appointed as Minister for Transport and Works, replacing Finch. Mike Reed was promoted to Minister for Health and Community Services, also replacing Manzie, who took on the role of Minister for Conservation. Stephen Hatton was appointed as the territory's first Minister for Aboriginal Development.

The new ministry also saw Eric Poole appointed to the ministry for the first time, taking on a number of junior portfolios, with existing junior minister Roger Vale dropped to make way. The ministry saw two changes during its lifetime. In the first, an incident which made national news, Minister for Transport and Works Max Ortmann was forced to resign in August 1993 after assaulting a reporter on live television. Daryl Manzie took on his portfolios for the remainder of the term of the ministry. The second, more minor change, saw Poole take on a new portfolio of Minister Responsible for the Liquor Commission in June 1993. The ministry operated until September 15, 1993, when Perron initiated a further reshuffle of the ministry.

* Hon Marshall Perron, MLA: Chief Minister and Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services
* Hon Barry Coulter, MLA: Deputy Chief Minister, Treasurer and Minister for Tourism
* Hon Shane Stone, MLA: Attorney-General, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Mines and Energy, Minister for Industries and Development and Minister for Asian Relations and Trade
* Hon Stephen Hatton, MLA: Minister for Aboriginal Development and Minister for Lands, Housing and Local Government
* Hon Fred Finch, MLA: Minister for Education and Training and Minister for Public Employment
* Hon Daryl Manzie, MLA: Minister for Conservation and Minister for Work Health and Territory Insurance (also Minister for Transport and Works from August 18, 1993)
* Hon Mike Reed, MLA: Minister for Health and Community Services and Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries
* Hon Max Ortmann, MLA: Minister for Transport and Works (resigned from ministry August 17, 1993)
* Hon Eric Poole, MLA: Minister for Correctional Services, Minister for Sport, Recreation and Ethnic Affairs and Minister Assisting the Chief Minister on Central Australian Matters (also Minister Responsible for the Liquor Commission from June 30, 1993)

Rick Setter served as Leader of Government Business throughout the period of this ministry, but was not a minister himself.

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