Zoogeography is the branch of the science of biogeography that is concerned with the geographic distribution of animal species and their attributes. That makes Zoogeography the study of patterns of biodiversity regarding time and space.


Zoogeography is the study of the patterns of the past, present, and future distribution of animals (and their attributes) in nature and the processes that regulate these distributions, and it’s the scientific analysis of the patterns of biodiversity regarding time and space. Zoogeography integrates information on the historical and current ecology, genetics, and physiology of organisms and their interaction with environmental processes (continental drift, climate) in regulating geographic distributions of animals. Scientists use descriptive and analytical approaches useful in hypothesis testing in zoogeography and which illustrates the applied aspects of zoogeography (e.g. refuge design in conservation).

Branches of Zoogeography

Zoogeography is often divided into two main branches: Ecological Zoogeography and Historical Zoogeography. The former investigates the role of current day biotic and abiotic interactions in influencing animal distributions; the latter are concerned with historical reconstruction of the origin, dispersal, and extinction of taxa. Faunistics is a study of the fauna of some territory or area.

Branches of Biology relevant to Zoogeography

It’s part of a more general science known as biogeography. Phytogeographers are concerned with patterns and process in plant distribution. Most of the major questions and kinds of approaches taken to answer such questions are held in common between phyto- and zoogeographers.

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* Phytogeography
* Biogeography
* Zoology
* Fauna


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* [http://www.zoology.ubc.ca/~etaylor/413www/intro.htm Introduction to Zoogeography] by Dr. Eric B. (Rick) Taylor, Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia

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