Girgaon (or Girgaum) is an area in the city of South Mumbai (Maharashtra, India).

Culture in Girgaon, although diverse and varied, still binds all the people here together in some form of common identification. Girgaon culture — particularly food, drama, and clothing — is characterised by an unmistakable unity and continuity, despite its having passed through many changes. Though there are diverse languages, religions, traditions, festivals, and attire, the rich heritage of the culture survives; Girgaon people, even today, are highly influenced by the traditions and values of yesteryear despite the recent movement toward westernisation.One of the few places where the great heritage of sculpture and British architecture is still preserved. Girgaon is composed mainly with "Chawls". The most popular town side residential area which has increasing demand just because of its prominent location in south Bombay.

Girgaum at the foot of the Malabar Hill,takes its name from the Sanskrit words Giri [Mountain] and Grama [Village] . Khetwadi, originally an area with a sparse population living off agriculture and plantations, developed in the mid-19th century with the widening of parel road and the Girgaum road [then called the Breach candyroad] . In 1839 Grant road was completed,leading to a large migration of people into this area.

There are a large number of small and big temples in this area. The most Well-known is Thakurdwar,built by the ascetic Atmaram Baba who died in 1838. The Kalbadevi temple, dedicated to kali, was moved to its present site from its original location in mahim sometime during the rule of the Gujrati Sultans. The dady sett Agiary was built in 1783 and the Hormusji wadia Fire temple in 1839. This beautiful place has historical importance also. Situated at the south end of Mumbai, Girgaon is now turning into one of the demanding residential and commercial places due to its geographical location. The most beautiful thing is "Girgaum Chowpaty" i.e. well known as "Queen's Necklace"

The pincode no of girgaum is unique 400004.


Each area of Girgaon follows its own customs. Communities like the Marathi-speakers, Gujarati, Konkani, Jains, Marwaris, Christians, and Hindus follow their own customs and rituals. They celebrate different festivals, follow different customs for birth, marriage, death, and other important events. Therefore, while it is easy to sense that Girgaon is different from other societies, it is very difficult to define conclusively what is essentially Girgaon, or to see how such a diversity of peoples and cultures can be related to one another.

The areas in Girgaon are:

*Benham hall (Banama) lane
*Bhatvdekar Wadi
*Bhimrao Wadi
*Borbhat lane
*CP Tank
*Dominic House
*Dubhash Lane
*Fadke mandir
*Goregoankar lane
*Hemraj wadi
*Karel Wadi
*Khadilkar Road
*Khattar Galli
*Kshatriya Niwas
*Mangal wadi
*Nikadwari lane
*Opera House
*Parshuram Wadi
*Parshuram Wadi
*Prathna Samaj
*Sadashiv lane
*Sahitya Sangh mandir
*Topiwala Lane (Century Cricket Club)
*Vaidyawadi []
*Zawbachi Wadi

This is also the area where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in great style. The area is filled with crowd when the Ganesh Visarjan is carried out.

ee also

*Girgaum Chowpatti
*Tanks of Bombay

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