Historic list of cities of Europe

Historic list of cities of Europe

The biggest towns in Europe in 1700 (population in brackets) :
* London (500,000)
* Paris (400,000)
* Naples (215,000)
* Amsterdam (180,000)
* Moscow (150,000)
* Venice (138,000)
* Rome (130,000)
* Milan (120,000)
* Madrid (100,000)
* Vienna (100,000)
* Belgrade (100,000)
* Sarajevo (80,000)
* Gdańsk (77,000)

The biggest towns in Europe in 1800 (population in brackets) :
* London (1,000,000)
* Paris (600,000)
* Naples (426,000)
* Moscow (400,000)
* Vienna (240,000)
* Amsterdam (220,000)
* Saint Petersburg (200,000)
* Dublin (200,000)
* Lisbon (180,000)
* Berlin (172,000)
* Warsaw (120,000) 1792

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