Amhara Region

Amhara Region

Infobox Regions of Ethiopia
native_name = ትግራይ ክልል
Amhāra Kilil
conventional_long_name = the Amhara Region
common_name = The Tigray Region

demonym = Tigranese,Tigran

map_caption = Map of Ethiopia highlighting the Amhara region
capital = Dessie
official_languages = Amharic
regional_languages/dialects = none

Amhara (አማራ) is one of the nine ethnic divisions ("kililoch") of Ethiopia, containing the homeland of the Amhara people. Previously known as Region 3, its capital is Bahir Dar.

Ethiopia's largest inland body of water, Lake Tana, is located in Amhara, as well as the Semien Mountains National Park, which includes the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dashan.

During Ethiopia's imperial era, Amhara was divided into several provinces (such as Gondar, Gojjam, Begemder and Lasta), most of which were ruled by native Ras or Negus. The Amhara Region incorporated most of the former provinces of Begemder, Gojjam, and Wollo in 1995.


Based on figures from the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA) published in 2005, Amhara has an estimated total population of 19,120,005, consisting of 9,555,001 men and 9,565,004 women. 16,925,000 or 88.5% of the population are estimated to be rural inhabitants, while 2,195,000 or 11.5% are urban. With an estimated area of 159,173.66 square kilometers, this region has an estimated density of 120.12 people per square kilometer. [ [ CSA 2005 National Statistics] , Table B.3.]

These estimates are based on the 1994 census, in which the region's population was reported to be 13,834,297 of which 6,947,546 were males and 6,886,751 females. The urban residents of the State numbered 1,265,315 while its rural residents were 12,568,982 (approximately 90% of the total population). Of the total population of the State, 81.5% were Orthodox Christians, 18.1% Muslims, and 0.1% Protestants. The majority of the population is Amhara, which is estimated to be 91.2%; other groups include the Oromo (3%), Agaw/Awi (2.7%), Qemant (1.2%), and Agaw/Kamyr (1%).


The CSA of Ethiopia estimated in 2005 that farmers in Amhara had a total of 9,694,800 head of cattle (representing 25% of Ethiopia's total cattle), 6,390,800 sheep (36.7%), 4,101,770 goats (31.6%), 257,320 horses (17%), 8,900 mules (6%), 1,400,030 asses (55.9%), 14,270 camels (3.12%), 8,442,240 poultry of all species (27.3%), and 919,450 beehives (21.1%). [CSA 2005 National Statistics, Tables D.5 and D.7.]

Presidents of the Executive Committee

*Addisu Legesse (ANDM/EPRDF) 1992 - Oct 2000
*Yoseph Reta (b. 1956) (ANDM/EPRDF) Oct 2000 - 5 Oct 2005
*Ayalew Gobeze (ANDM/EPRDF) 5 Oct 2005 - present

(This list is based on information from [] .)


*Agew Awi
*Bahir Dar (a special zone)
*Debub (South) Gondar
*Debub (South) Wollo
*Mirab (West) Gojjam
*Misraq (East) Gojjam
*Semien (North) Gondar
*Semien (North) Shewa
*Semien (North) Wollo
*Wag Hemra

See also

*List of woredas in the Amhara Region


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