Harvard (disambiguation)

Harvard (disambiguation)

Harvard University is a university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Harvard may also refer to:

*Jack Harvard, American politician
*John Harvard (clergyman) (1607–1638), a clergyman after whom Harvard University is named
*John Harvard (politician) (born 1938), the Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba

Boston area
*Harvard College, the undergraduate division of Harvard University
*Harvard Bridge, a bridge over the Charles River near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
*Harvard Square, a square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, adjacent to the Harvard University campus
*Harvard Yard, the center of the Harvard campus, adjacent to Harvard Square
*Harvard (MBTA station), the subway station located in Harvard Square

*Harvard, Illinois, a city in the United States
*Harvard, Massachusetts, a town in the United States
*Harvard, Nebraska, a city in the United States

*Harvard architecture, a type of computer architecture
*Harvard Graphics, an early breaking computer software for handling diagrams
*Harvard Mark I, an early digital computer
*Harvard referencing, a citation style developed by Harvard University
*Harvard-Westlake School, a prep school in Los Angeles
*North American Harvard, the Royal Air Force name for the T-6 Texan advanced trainer aircraft
*736 Harvard, a minor planet orbiting the Sun

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