Why a Duck?

Why a Duck?

"Why a Duck?" is a comedy routine which features in the Marx Brothers movie "The Cocoanuts". In a scene in which Groucho and Chico are discussing a map, Groucho mentions the presence of a viaduct next to a peninsula, to which Chico, who is playing the role of an immigrant with poor English skills, replies "Why a duck?" This leads into a long schtick positing the existence of "Why a chickens?", "Why a horses?", etc.

"Why a Duck?" is a touchstone scene for Marx Brothers fans, as evidenced by a [http://www.amazon.com/Why-duck-Visual-verbal-Brothers/dp/0821203738 book of the same name] (featuring a foreword by Groucho) and a [http://www.marx-brothers.org/whyaduck/why.htm fansite] , both of which focus on the minutiae of the Marx Brothers' routines.

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