Kingdom of the Rhinns

Kingdom of the Rhinns

Na Renna, or the Kingdom of the Rhinns, was a Norse-Gaelic lordship which appears in the 11th century records. The Rhinns ( _gd. Na Rannaibh) was a province in medieval Scotland, and comprised, along with Farines, the later county of Wigtown. The "Matyrology of Óengus" gives some idea of the kingdom's domain in the 11th century, as Dún Reichet (Dunragit) and Futerna (Whithorn) are said to lie in the kingdom, implying that it embraced the whole of later Wigtownshire.

List of known rulers

Three rulers are explicitly stated in the sources to have ruled this kingdom:


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ee also

* Diocese of Galloway
* Lord of Galloway

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