South African Army corps and branches

South African Army corps and branches

The South African Army is divided into functional branches, known as corps. Most consist of units, but some, such as the SA Staff Corps, consist only of personnel who are assigned to headquarters and units. The following is a list of corps established since 1912; those which still exist are shown in bold.



*Permanent Force Staff (1912-23)
*SA Staff Corps (1923- )
*SA Instructional Corps (1923-54) - "incorporated into SA Infantry Corps"

Combat Services


*Field Artillery Branch (Citizen Force) (1913-34) - "incorporated into SAA"
*SA Field Artillery (1915-19)
*SA Heavy Artillery (1915-19)
*SA Field Artillery (1923-34) - "incorporated into SA Artillery"
*SA Permanent Garrison Artillery (1921-34) - "incorporated into SAA"
*SA Garrison Artillery (1913-34) - "incorporated into SAA"
*SA Artillery (1934- )
*SA Anti-Aircraft (1984- )

Mounted Rifles

*SA Mounted Riflemen (1913-26)
*Mounted Rifles Branch (Citizen Force) (1913-35) - "incorporated into infantry"

Dismounted Rifles

*Dismounted Rifles Branch (Citizen Force) (1913-29)


*Infantry Branch (Citizen Force) (1913-43) - "incorporated into SA Armoured Corps"
* SA Infantry Corps (1954- )


*SA Tank Corps (1940-43)
*SA Armoured Corps (1943- ) - "included infantry until 1954"

Combat Support


*SA Engineer Corps (1914-16)
*SA Engineer Corps (1923- )


*Communication Branch (Citizen Force) (1913-23)
*SA Field Post and Telegraph Corps (1914-19)
*SA Corps of Signals (1923- )
*SA Military Pigeon Service (1939-?45)

upporting Services

Administration and Logistics

*SA Service Corps (1913-39) - "incorporated into Q Services Corps"
*SA Ordnance Corps (1923-39) - "incorporated into QSC"
*SA Corps of Mechanics (1939-39) - "incorporated into QSC"
*Q Services Corps (1939-75) - "later Administrative Services Corps"
*Army Postal Service (1940-45)
*Personnel Services Corps (1975- )
*Ordnance Services Corps (1975- )
*Technical Services Corps (1939- )
*SA Caterers Corps (1969- )
*SA Ammunition Corps (1973- )
*Corps of Professional Officers (1975- )


*SA Medical Corps (1913-68) - "incorporated into SA Medical Service"
*SA Veterinary Corps (1913-??) - "incorporated into SAMC"
*SA Military Nursing Service (1914-72) - "incorporated into SAMC"


*SA Administrative, Pay & Clerical Corps (1923-39) - "incorporated into QSC"
*SA Pay Corps (1940-45)
*Finance Services Corps (1972-75)
*Finance Services Corps (1979- )

Military Police

*SA Corps of Military Police (1938- )


*SA Intelligence Corps (1940-45)
*SA Army Intelligence Corps (1977- )


*SA Corps of Chaplains (1946-68) - "incorporated into SA Chaplains Service"


*SA Corps of Scientists (1947-72)

Women's Services

*Women's Auxiliary Army Service (1940-47)
*Women's Auxiliary Military Police Corps (1942-46)
*Women's Defence Corps (1947-71)
*Civil Defence Corps (1971-77)
*SA Army Women's Corps (1977-??)

pecial Services

*Special Service Corps (1964- )


*SA Corps of Bandsmen (1969- )

"Non-European" Services

*SA Native Labour Corps (1915-19)
*Cape Corps (1940-50)
*Indian Service Corps (1940-42)
*Native Military Corps (1940-50)
* SA Cape Corps (1963-90s)
*SA Supporting Services Corps (1974-90s)
*SA Indian Corps (1975-90s)


*Defence Rifle Associations (1913-49)
*Rifle Commandos (1949-58)
*Commandos (1958-2007)


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