Euroea in Phoenicia

Euroea in Phoenicia

:"This is not Euroea in Epiro (titular see)"

Euroea in Phoenicia (Italian Eurea di Fenicia) is a Catholic titular see, until 1935 called Evaria (Euaria, Euroea). [ [ "Catholic Hierarchy" page] , [] ]

It was originally a diocese in Phoenicia Libani. [Joseph Bingham, "Origines ecclesiasticæ; or, The antiquities of the Christian Church" (1834), p. 307.] It is today El Hawârin, north of Karyatein and on the road from Damascus to Palmyra. There are ruins of a Roman castellum and of a basilica.

Euaria (Hawârin) is to be distinguished from Hauara or Havara, another titular see in Palaestina Tertia, south of Petra.


The true name of this city seems to have been Hawârin; as such it appears in a Syriac inscription of the fourth to the sixth century. According to Ptolemy [V, xiv.] it was situated in the Palmyrene province. Georgius Cyprius calls it Euarios or Justinianopolis.

The "Notitiae episcopatuum" of the Patriarchate of Antioch (sixth century) gives it as a suffragan see of the archdiocese of Damascus. [See Echos d'Orient, X (1907), 145.] One of its bishops, Thomas, is known in 451; there is some uncertainty about another, John, who lived a little later [Lequien, "Oriens christianus", II, 847.] .


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