The Zoo Story (Frasier episode)

The Zoo Story (Frasier episode)

Infobox Television episode | Title = The Zoo Story
Series = Frasier
Season = 5
Episode = 12
Airdate = 20 January 1998
Writer = Joe Keenan
Director = Pamela Fryman
Guests = Robert Stanton (Ben)
Prev = Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
Next = The Maris Counselor
Episode list = List of Frasier episodes (Season 5)
"The Zoo Story" is the twelfth episode in season 5 of American sitcom "Frasier".

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

*Kelsey GrammerDr. Frasier Crane
*David Hyde PierceDr. Niles Crane
*John MahoneyMartin Crane
*Jane LeevesDaphne Moon
*Peri GilpinRoz Doyle

Recurring cast

*Harriet Sansom HarrisBebe Glazer
*Edward Hibbert – Gil Chesterton

Plot outline

Frasier has to choose whether to return to his heartless former agent, Bebe Glazer, or stick with his current representative, well-meaning but non-confrontational Ben. Maris' insistence that Niles fire their latest couples' therapist, and Niles' refusal to do so, puts their weekly conjugal visits on hiatus. Ben brings Frasier the wrong sort of publicity and Niles has trouble controlling his pent-up urges, but Frasier insists that both he and Niles do the ethical thing: Frasier must stay with his ethical agent, and Niles must not fire a perfectly good counsellor just to have sex.

Episode title cards

*"Bye Bye Birdy"
*"Maybe it was a disgruntled former zoo worker"

Memorable Quotations

"Frasier has received the information that the KACL station manager will use a “hired gun” to negotiate his contract"
Niles: I’m assuming they call him "The Hammer" because he’s tough.
Frasier: No, Niles; because he loves the lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein(!)

"Bebe confronts Frasier and presents him with a contract, promising that if he employs her again she will cut him a very good deal"
Frasier: Isn't there a zebra carcass somewhere you should be hovering over?

"Bebe confronts Frasier and presents him with a contract, promising that if he employs her again she will cut him a very good deal"
Bebe: Look at you! Your face is riddled with bird bites, your name's a punch-line, your career is 5 minutes from over and he's only been your agent for three days!! Send him in against the Hammer and you'll be doing fog reports from a lighthouse in Puget Sound(!)

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*List of Frasier episodes


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