Ass (album)

Ass (album)

Infobox Album | Name = Ass
Type = Album
Artist = Badfinger

Released = November 26, 1973
Recorded = 1972-73
Genre = Power pop
Length = 39:38
Label = Apple
Producer = Chris Thomas
and Badfinger
except Todd Rundgren
(tracks 4 & 9)
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|2.5|5 [ link]
Last album = "Straight Up"
This album = "Ass"
Next album = "Badfinger"

"Ass" is the fourth and last album released on Apple Records by power pop band Badfinger. The lead track, "Apple of My Eye", refers to the band leaving the label to begin its new contract with Warner Brothers Records. The cover artwork (showing a donkey chasing a distant carrot) alludes to Badfinger's feelings that they had been misled by Apple over the years.


Although recordings for the album began as early as 1972, shortly after the release of "Straight Up", "Ass" wasn't released until November 26, 1973 in the United States and May 1974 in the UK. The album was originally delayed because of production quality, as the band attempted to produce the album themselves after producer Todd Rundgren departed the project with just two songs recorded. After a first version of the album was rejected by the label, Apple engineer Chris Thomas was hired as a first-time producer to improve the overall recordings and make new track selections.

The album was further delayed when a disagreement surfaced between Apple and Badfinger's management on publishing copyrights. Although Pete Ham and Tom Evans had established themselves as Badfinger's principal songwriters, the majority of the tracks on "Ass" were written by Joey Molland. Molland, unlike his bandmates, never signed a publishing agreement with Apple Music, instead assigning the individual copyrights of his songs selected for Badfinger albums to Apple Music after production. Badfinger's then-manager, Stan Polley, attempted to use Apple's lack of a publishing agreement with Molland to block release of the album; he told Molland not to agree to any individual assignments, and Molland obliged. To circumvent Polley's strategy, all songs on the US and UK album releases of "Ass" were credited by Apple to Badfinger, not to the actual authors.

Ultimately, "Ass" peaked at #122 in the Billboard Hot 200 and did not chart in the UK. The single "Apple of My Eye" only peaked at #102 on Billboard's "Bubbling Under" chart in America. Although for many years it was one of the most commonly-found Badfinger albums due to its lack of success, it is now rare in CD format because it was re-released only in selected countries (UK, Canada and Japan) and only for a limited period.

"Ass" was the last original album issued by Apple that was not by an ex-Beatle.

Track listing

#"Apple of My Eye" (Ham) - 3:06
#"Get Away" (Molland) - 3:59
#"Icicles" (Molland) - 2:32
#"The Winner" (Molland) - 3:18
#"Blind Owl" (Evans) - 3:00
#"Constitution" (Molland) - 2:58
#"When I Say" (Evans) - 3:05
#"Cowboy" (Gibbins) - 2:37
#"I Can Love You" (Molland) - 3:33
#"Timeless" (Ham) - 7:39

CD bonus track

#"Do You Mind" (Molland) - 3:15


*Pete Ham – Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals
*Tom Evans – Bass, Vocals
*Joey Molland – Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Mike Gibbins – Drums, Vocals


*Dan Matovina: "Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger". ISBN 0-9657122-1-4

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