Lena (disambiguation)

Lena (disambiguation)

Lena refers to the Lena River in Russia.

Lena may also refer to:

* The Lena massacre, which occurred near the Lena River
* Lena, one of the Departments of Burkina Faso
* Lena, Norway
* Lena, Asturias (Llena), in Asturias, Spain
* United States:
** Lena, Illinois
** Lena (town), Wisconsin
*** Lena, Wisconsin, a village within the town of Lena

* Lena (name), diminutive from Russian Yelena (Elena, Helen)
* Lena Chamamyan, Syrian singer
* Lena Eriksson, Swedish breaststroke swimmer
* Lena Gercke, German model
* Lena Headey, actress
* Lena Horne, singer and actress, best known for the song "Stormy Weather"
* Lena Katina, one of the members of the musical group t.A.T.u.
* Lena Olin, a Swedish actress
* Lena Philipsson, Swedish singer, also known as "Lena Ph" (real name - Maria Magdalena Filipsson)
* Lena Soderberg (Söderberg), Playmate
** Lena or Lenna, the famous image of Lena Söderberg used in digital image processing

Fictional characters:
* Lena ("Dragon Ball") or Bulma, a character in "Dragon Ball" media
* Lena the Hyena, in the "Li'l Abner" comic strip
* Lena Sayers, mother of Arika Yumemiya in the anime series "My-Otome"; also goes by the alias Lena Yumemiya

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