Total offense

Total offense

Total offense (or total offence) is an American football and Canadian football statistical measure. In the game of football, progress is measured by advancing the football towards the opposing team's goal line. Progress can be made during play by the offensive team by advancing the ball from the its point of progress at the start of play known as the line of scrimmage or by the defensive team after taking possession of the football via a change of possession (such as punt, kickoff, interception, punt block, blocked kick or fumble). When the offensive team advances the ball by rushing the football, the player who carries the ball is given credit for the difference in progress measured in rushing yards. When the offensive team advances the ball by pass reception, the player who throws the ball earns passing yards. Although the ball may also be advanced by penalty these yards do not contribute to total offense. Progress lost via quarterback sacks are classified variously. The total of rushing yards and passing yards is known as total offense.The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) defines the term as "Total offense is the total of net gain rushing and net gain forward passing. Receiving and runback yards are not included in total offense." (at pg. 206).cite web|url=|title=Official 2007 NCAA Division I Football Record Book|publisher=National Collegiate Athletic Association|accessdate=2008-01-03|year=2007|month=August] This definition of yardage differs from yards from scrimmage which gives credit for passing yardage to the person receiving the football rather than the person throwing the football.

Team total offense yards differ from individual total offense stats. Team total offense is the sum of rushing and passing yards. [cite web|url=|title=2007 National Leaders Total Offense - All Games|accessdate=2008-01-01||date=2007-12-02] Thus, this is a common definition of individual total offense. [cite web|url=|title=2007 National Leaders Total Offense - All Games|accessdate=2008-01-01||date=2007-12-02] However, some definitions of individual total offense give credit to both the passer and receiver for passing yards. Thus, if a quarterback catches a pass in a trick play or a non-quarterback throws a pass some statistical issues arise. [cite web|url=|title=TOTAL OFFENSE|accessdate=2008-01-01||publisher=Time Inc,]

Steve McNair holds the NCAA career and single-season total offense/game records. Timmy Chang, B.J. Symons, and David Klingler hold the total offense career, single-season and single game records.

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