Trubetskoy (English), Трубецкой (Russian), Trubiacki (Belarusian), Trubecki (Polish), Trubetsky (Ruthenian), Трубецький (Ukrainian), Troubetzkoy (French), Trubezkoi or Trubetzkoy (German), is a Ruthenian Gediminid gentry family of Black Ruthenian stock, like many other princely houses of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, later prominent in Russian history, science, and arts. They are descended from Algirdas's son Demetrius I Starshiy (1327 – 12 August 1399 Battle of the Vorskla River). They used the Pogoń Litewska Coat of arms and the Troubetzkoy Coat of Arms [] .

Sovereign rule

Princes Troubetzkoy descend from Demetrius I Starshiy, one of Algirdas's sons, who ruled the towns of Bryansk and Starodub. He was killed together with his elder sons in the unfortunate Battle of the Vorskla River (1399). Demetrius' descendants continued to rule the town of Trubetsk until the 1530s, when they had to convert to Roman Catholicism or leave their patrimony and settle in Moscow. They chose the latter, and were accepted with great ceremony at the court of Vasili III of Russia.

Time of Troubles

Undoubtedly the most prominent of early Troubetzkoys was Prince Dmitry Timofeievich (9th generation from Gediminas), who helped Prince Dmitry Pozharsky to raise a volunteer army and deliver Moscow from the Poles in 1612. The Time of Troubles over, Dmitry was addressed by people as "Liberator of the Motherland" and asked to accept the Tsar's throne. He contented himself, however, with the governorship of Siberia and the title of the Duke ("derzhavets") of Shenkursk. Prince Dmitry died on May 24, 1625 and was interred in the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra.

Quite different was a stance of his first cousin, Prince Wigund-Jeronym Trubetsky. He supported the Poles and followed them to Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth after the Time of Troubles. Here his descendants were given enviable positions at the court and married into other princely families of Poland. By 1660s, however, the only Troubetzkoy left, Prince Yuriy Trubetskoy, returned to Moscow and was given a boyar title by Tsar Alexis I of Russia. All the branches of the family descend from his marriage to Princess Irina Galitzine.

Troubetzkoys and Freemasonry

:Alexander Troubetzkoy:Yevgeny Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy:Grigory Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy:Nikita N. Troubetzkoy:Nikolay Sergeevich Troubetzkoy:Pyotr Petrovich Troubetzkoy:Sergei Petrovich Troubetzkoy:Sergey Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy

Dennis Stocks, "Russian Freemasonry": "In 1756 the first Russian lodge to actually be consecrated with a name was formed in St. Petersburg under the patronage of the Anglophile Count R. L. Vorontsov, Worshipful Master of The Lodge of Silence. The members of Vorontsov's Lodge included many men who later became famous, viz: Sumarokov (author), Prince Scherbatov (Historian), Mamonov (Literary fame), Prince Dashkov, Prince Golitzin, Prince Troubetzkoy and Prince Meschersky.

King Gustav III of Sweden gave Swedish Masonry a special stamp of respectability by freely flaunting his masonic ties in 1776 during a state visit to St. Petersburg and won the patronage of Grand Duke Paul -- a famous Russian patriot, historian and political rival to and personal enemy of Catherine. This led to a linking of Russian and Swedish Freemasonry into one system when, in 1778, the Moscow Lodge of Prince Troubetzkoy joined the Swedish System.

It is true, however, that other Freemasons who were "punished" (N. Troubetzkoy, I. Lopukhin and I. Turgenev, for example, were merely rusticated on their country estates) had not been directly involved in the efforts to enlist Paul into the M^Asited Paul on behalf of Nikolai Novikov, escaped scott free. Madariaga (Russian in the Age...p.530) has suggested that this may be due to the fact that Troubetzkoy "et al" were members of the highest aristocracy and Bazhenov was too lowly."

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* 1st generation from Gediminas (ca 1275–1341)
**Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania (ca 1296-1377)
* 2nd generation
**Demetrius I Starshiy (1327–1399)
* 3
**Mikhail Trubetsky (14th century – ?)
**Ivan Kindir (14th century – 1399)
**Andrey Trubetsky (14th century – 1399)
* 4
**Symeon Trubetsky (14th century – after 1411)
* 5
**Ivan Trubetsky (15th century – 16th century)
* 6
**Symeon Perski Trubetsky (16th century – 1539)
**Andrey Ivanovich Trubetsky (?–1546)
**Ivan Ivanovich Trubetsky (?–1513)
**Fiodor Ivanovich Trubetsky (?–1541)
* 7
**Roman Trubetsky (16th century – ?)
* 8
**Nikita Kosoj Trubetsky (16th century – 1608)
**Timofiej Trubetsky (?–1602)
**Vasiliy Trubetsky
**Aleksander Trubetsky
**Mikhail Romanovich Trubetsky (?–1565)
* 9
**Aleksander-Mercurius Trubetsky (?–1610)
**Dmitry Timofeievich Troubetzkoy (?–1625)
**Wigund-Jeronym Trubetsky (16th century – 1634)
**Fiodor Trubetsky (?–1608)
**Aleksey Trubetskoy (1600s–1680)
* 10
**Piotr Trubetsky (?–1644)
* 11
**Yuriy Trubetskoy (ca 1643–1679)
* 12
**Ivan Bolshoy Troubetzkoy (1667–1750)
**Yuri Troubetzkoy (1668–1739)
* 13
**Maria Tcherkassky (1696–1747)
**Nikita Trubetskoy (1699–1767)
**Ivan Menshoy Troubetzkoy (1703–1744)
**Alexey Troubetzkoy (1700–1776)
**Praskovia Saltykov (1704–1767)
**Ivan Betskoy (1704–1795)
**Jakov Troubetzkoy
**Dmitry Troubetzkoy (1724–1792)
**Alexandre Troubetzkoy (1727–1750)
* 14
**Alexandre Troubetzkoy (1723–1726)
**Piotr Troubetzkoy (1724–1791)
**Ivan Troubetzkoy (1725–1803)
**Sergei Troubetzkoy (1731–1812)
**Alexandre Troubetzkoy (1733–1737)
**Yuri Nikitich Troubetzkoy (1736–1811)
**Anna Naryshkina (1737–1760)
**Nikolay Troubetzkoy (1737–1742)
**Maria Troubetzkoy (1742–1742)
**Elena Troubetzkoy (1744–1744)
**Nikolay Troubetzkoy (1744–1821)
**Elena Vyazemsky (1745–1832)
**Ekaterina Troubetzkoy (1747–1791)
**Alexandre Troubetzkoy (1751–1778)
**Nikolay Ivanovich Troubetzkoy
**Vasily Troubetzkoy
* 15
**Pyotr Sergeyevich Troubetzkoy (1760–1817)
**Piotr Nikolaievich Troubetzkoy (1773–1801)
**Ivan Nicolaievich Troubetzkoy
* 16
**Sergei Petrovich Troubetzkoy (1790–1860)
**Alexander Petrovich Troubetzkoy (1792–1853)
**Pyotr Petrovich Troubetzkoy (1793–1840)
**Anna Kozhoukhova (1793–1827)
**Elisaveta Petrovna Troubetzkaya (1794 - after 1870)
**Pavel Petrovich Troubetzkoy (1795-1802)
**Yuri Petrovich Troubetzkoy (1796–1859)
**Grigory Troubetzkoy (1802–1874)
**Nikita Petrovich Troubetzkoy (1804–1855/1886)
**Pyotr Ivanovich Troubetzkoy
* 17
**Peter Troubetzkoy (1822-1892)
**Alexandra Sergeyevna Troubetzkaya (1830-1860)
**Elisaveta Sergeyevna Troubetzkaya (1834-1918)
**Zenaida Sergeyevna Troubetzkaya (1837-1924)
**Nestor Troubetzkoy (ca 1840–1907)
**Ivan Sergeyevich Troubetzkoy (1843–1874)
* 18
**Tatiana Troubetzkoy (1848-1848)
**Elena de Gontaud-Biron (1849-1934)
**Maria Prozorovsky-Galitsyn (1853-1933)
**Pierre Troubetzkoy (1864–1936)
**Paolo Troubetzkoy (1866—1938)
**Ludwig Troubetzkoy (1867–1959)
**Gerasim Troubetzkoy (1870s – 20th century)
**Pawel Troubetzkoy (1879–1941)
**Pietro Troubetzkoy Hahn (1886–1953)
* 19
**Nikolai Trubetzkoy (1890-1938)
**Yury Nolden (1902-1974)
**Kyrill Troubetzkoy (1902-1963)
**Iwan Mihkel Troubetzkoy (1906–1971)
**Anjuta Gorbacheva (1908–2004)
**Aleksander Troubetzkoy (1913–1941)
**Vladimir Waloc Trubetsky (1915–1997)
**Giulio Troubetzkoy
**Piero Troubetzkoy
* 20
**Jaan Trubetsky (b. 1938)
**Erich Trubetsky (b. 1940)
**Isabella Hitzel (b. 1956)
**Roberto Troubetzkoy
* 21
**Wladimir Troubetzkoy (b. 1942)
**Tõnu Trubetsky (b. 1963)
**Toomas Trubetsky (b. 1968)
**Scylla Trubecka
**Tõnis Trubetsky
**Toivo Trubetsky
* 22
** Reginleif Trubetsky (b. 1989)
** Tõnu Trubetsky (b. 1990)
** Madeleine Angelique Trubetsky (b. 1993)
** Alexandr Trubetskoy (b. 1996)
** Edyta Ingrida Trubetsky (b. 2005)
** Tom Claude Trubetsky (b. 2006)

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