The King's Peace (novel)

The King's Peace (novel)

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name = The King's Peace

image_caption = Tor Books hardcover
author = Jo Walton
illustrator =
cover_artist = Julie Bell
country = United States
language = English
series = Sulien
genre = Fantasy novel
publisher = Tor Books
pub_date = October 2000 (1st edition)
media_type = Print (Hardback & Paperback)
pages = 416 pp (hardcover, 1st edition)
isbn = ISBN 0312872291 (hardcover, 1st edition)
preceded_by = The Prize in the Game
followed_by = The King's Name

"The King's Peace" is a fantasy novel written by Jo Walton and published by Tor Books in October 2000. The first of Walton's published novels, it is also the first of three "Sulien" novels. It was followed in 2001 by a sequel, "The King's Name", and in 2002 by a prequel, "The Prize in the Game".

Plot summary

Sulien ap Gwien, a woman warrior and daughter of the King of a small part of the island of Tir Tanagiri, is brutally raped by six invading Jarnsmen and her brother is murdered. While travelling to the capital to request help from Urdo, the High King, she happens upon a battle between some more Jarnsmen and some the King's soldiers. Sulien proves her skill in battle and, drawn in part by the young King's leadership and charisma, she enlists in the cavalry. The novel follows her journey up the ranks, the battles against the invading Jarnsmen and Isarnagans, and Urdo's efforts to unite the many kingdoms of Tir Tanagiri and restore peace and law to the land.

Publication history

*2000, USA, Tor Books ISBN 0312872291, Pub date 1 October 2000, Hardback
*2002, USA, Tor Fantasy ISBN 0765343274, Pub date 19 August 2002, Mass Market Paperback

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