Imperial Japanese Navy Aviation Bureau

Imperial Japanese Navy Aviation Bureau

The Imperial Japanese Navy Aviation Bureau("Kaigun Koku Hombu") of the Ministry of the Navy of Japan was responsible for the development and training of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. In 1941 it was headed by Vice-Admiral Katagiri and was organized as follows:
* General Affairs Department
* Air Naval Intelligence Department
* Land Based Airfield Engineering Department
* Training Department - ensured that qualified personnel were sent to the Combined Air Training Command at Kasumigara.
* Technical Department - Designed new aircraft and equipment plus was responsible for the storage and repair of aircraft at Naval Air Arsenals
** Aomori
** Koza
** Hiro
** Omura or Sasebo
** Kanoyo
** Kasumigara
** Yokosuka

Navy Training Schools and Units

Japanese Navy Air service for air training poses your own proper train units under direct led of Navy Air Bureau. ones was a section of fighting air groups or are proper training units; amongst the Training Carrier Section why comprised the Light Carriers for training use also.

Such schools and units was named with place were stablished (cities,towns or Arsenals),or with Carrier s name where if based;others was only designed by numbers also.

Navy training units by name
* Oppama
* Chitose
* Genzan
* Tainan
* Tokushima
* Konoike
* Oita
* Ohmura
* Tsukuba
* Yokosuka Chinjufu
* Hyakuri
* Kasumigaura
* Tsuikui
* Kuiko
* Kashima
* Shanghai
* Suzuka
* Tsuchiura
* Kaminoike

Training Carriers
*Hosho and Ryuho Training Carriers

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