LY-60 / FD-60 / PL10

LY-60 / FD-60 / PL10

The LY-60/FD-60/PL-10 is a family of PRC missiles developed by the Shanghai Academy of Science and Technology, largely based on the Italian Alenia Aspide missile - itself a version of the American AIM-7 Sparrow missile. There are four versions of the basic design, three of which are surface-to-air and one air-to-air.


Development of the LY-60 was precipitated by the Chinese requirement for a beyond visual range (BVR) weapons system. Directly copying the AIM-7 proved unsuccessful, after which China purchased a number of Alenia Aspide missiles from Italy. Hopes of locally manufacturing the missile under license collapsed after the Tiananmen Square crackdown of 1989.


The LY-60 (Lei Ying, "Falcon") is a surface-to-air missile system deployed by the People's Liberation Army. It entered service among air defense units beginning in 1994. Capable of intercepting air targets at medium and low altitudes, it sports advanced command and control features not found in any of its Western contemporaries.Fact|date=February 2007

A LY-60 battery consists of a surveillance radar, three tracking/illumination radars, six TELs, and support equipment mounted on trucks. Between these systems, it can detect 40, track 12 and engage 3. Incorporating the moving target tracking processing system as well as frequency agility technology gives the missile system excellent capability in an electronic warfare environment. [ 1]

It was once thought that the naval variant, the LY-60N, will replace the HQ-61 as the point defense missile of Chinese warships. However, it would seem the weapon is passed over in favor of the HQ-7, which now equips the Luhai class destroyer, Luhu class destroyer, and Jiangwei class frigate, because only very limited land-based system entered Chinese service for port/harbor defense.

The LY-60N was, however, exported to Pakistan in the 1990s to re-fit its purchase of 6 ex-RN Type 21 Frigates, re-classified as the Tariq class. Some Tariq class ships were fitted with 6-cel LY-60N SAM, others with 2 x 2 cel Harpoon SSM's. [] This [] shows the LY-60N on board of a Pakistani frigate.

The PL-10 ("Pi Li", "Thunderbolt") air-to-air missile was developed for the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), and is carried by Jian J-8B fighters.

Additionally, a man-portable SAM version was developed designated FY-60.


*Length 3.69 m
*Diameter 203 mm
*Wingspan 1 m
*Weight 220 kg
*Warhead 33 kg
*Speed Mach 4
*Range AA - PL-10 60 km LY-60 18 km
*Guidance Semi-Active Radar Homing

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