Aquila may refer to:

*"Aquila" (Roman), a Roman military standard
*"Aquila" (genus), a genus of birds including some eagles
*Aquila (constellation), the astronomical constellation The Eagle

*Aquila, a Neapolitan surname
*Aquila, a Biblical person from the Acts and Paul's letters
*Aquila of Sinope, second-century translator of the Old Testament
*Frank Aquila, a Manitoba judge
*Frank J. Aquila, an American lawyer

*Aquila, Michoacán, Mexico
*Aquila, Switzerland
*L'Aquila, sometimes Aquila, a town in Italy

Entertainment and literature:

* A book by Andrew Norriss
* "Aquila" (TV series), a BBC TV production for children based on the Norriss book
* A
* A game server in the MMORPG MapleStory
* Aquila (children's magazine), a children's magazine

* USS "Aquila" (PHM-4), a hydrofoil formerly operated by the U.S. Navy
* Italian aircraft carrier "Aquila", a World War II Italian aircraft carrier
* The U.S. Army's
* Hyosung Aquila: a series of cruiser motorcycles made by Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc.
* Aquila AT01, a light weight training aircraft built in Germany

* Aquila Airways, a British flying boat operator (1948–1958)
* Aquila, Inc., a former electric and gas utility in Kansas City, Missouri, United States
* Aquila Italiana Italian car manufacturer or brand

Warhammer 40,000 universe:
* The aquila is the symbol of the Imperium of Man in the fictional Warhammer 40,000 universe.
* Aquila pattern power armour is the most commonly used type of power armour in the Space Marines inventory.
* The Aquila Lander is a light shuttle used by the Imperial Navy.

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