House of Vojislavljević

House of Vojislavljević

Royal house
surname = House of Vojislav
estate = of Doclea, Dalmatia, Rascia, Bosnia
coat of arms =
country = Serbia
parent house = House of Saint Vladimir
titles = Prince/Archon ("Knez") Grand Prince ("Велики Жупан"/"Veliki Župan"), King ("Краљ"/"Kralj")
founder = Stefan Dobroslav I Voislav
final ruler = Radoslav Gradišnić
current head = extinct
cadet branches = House of Vukanović/Urošević, House of Nemanjić
founding year = 1034
dissolution = 1186
nationality = Serbian

The House of Vojislav was a medieval dynasty that inherited the claims over Duklja of the old ruling House of Saint Vladimir and the Serbian House of Vlastimir dynasty. It ruled Duklja and the surrounding territories; including Zahumlje, Rascia and Bosnia, where the dynasty's side branches have become rulers. It lasted from 1034 until 1186, when it was transformed into the House of Nemanja.


It was named by a Travunian nobleman by the name of Stefan Dobroslav I Vojislav who was the son of the uncle of Duklja's ruler Saint Jovan Vladimir of Duklja and Tribalia. He was also the maternal grandson of Ljutomir, the last Prince of Rascia.

Later the Byzantines again occupied Raška, but Vojislav's son Mihajlo (Michael), born after 1042, who became the Grand Župan of Zeta/Duklja around 1050/1055, restored the country's independence and maintained independence from the Byzantine Empire. Mihajlo installed his son Petrislav as the grand prince of Duklja. After the abortive rebellion in Bulgaria the military governor of Dyrrhachium, Nicephorus Bryennius, restored Byzantine rule to Raška in 1073.Mihailo reportedly received royal insignia in 1077 from the Pope Gregory VII, although this is still a matter of debate. An image of King Mihajlo with his crown is still found in the Church of St. Mihajlo in Ston, a town in the Pelješac peninsula (in present-day Croatia). Mihajlo's rule ended in 1080.

His successor was his son Constantin Bodin, who ruled from 1080 to 1101. Bodin fought Byzantium and Normans further to the south, and took the town of Dyrrachium. He established vassal states in Bosnia (under Stefan) and Raška (under Vukan and Marko), which recognized his supremacy.

Vukan and Marko, the new princes of Raška were probably sons of the aforementioned Petrislav. Vukan (1083-1115) was the Grand Župan while Marko headed administration of a part of the land. The Byzantine Emperor Alexius later forced Vukan to acknowledge Byzantine suzerainty in 1094.

After Bodin died in 1101, incessant struggles for power among his heirs weakened the state. Bodin had previously exiled Dobroslav, his younger brother, together with their cousin Kočapar. In 1101 they returned, and vied for power together with another grandson of Mihajlo's, Vladimir. Vladimir at one point married the daughter of Vukan of Raška.

In 1114, Đorđe, son of Constantin Bodin, came to power in Duklja. The next year Vukan was replaced in Raška by his nephew Uroš I. (ca. 1115 - 1131). Đorđe's rule lasted until 1118.

One of the sons of Uroš I was Zavida, Prince of Zahumlje. He gave birh to four sons that would eventually bring order to the Rascian lands and found the House of Nemanja.

In these struggles, the pro-Raška rulers eventually managed to rise to power in Duklja, culminating in the rise of Stefan Nemanja, one of Zavida's sons (around 1166). His son Stefan Nemanjić restored the old Doclean crown in 1217 by receiving from the Pope regal insignia as "King of all Serb and Maritime Lands".



*Prince Stefan Dobroslav I (1034 - ca. 1050)
*Grand Prince/King Mihailo I (ca. 1050 - 1081)
*King Konstantin Bodin (1081 - 1101)
*King Dobroslav II (1101 - 1102)
*King Mihailo II (1101 - 1102)
*King Dobroslav III (1102)
*King Kočopar (1102 - 1103)
*King Vladimir (1103 - 1114)
*King Đorđe (1114 - 1118, 1125 - 1131)
*Prince Grubeša (1118 - 1125)
*King Gradihna/Gradinja (1131 - 1148)
*Prince Radoslav (1146 - 1148, 1162)
*Prince Desa (1148 - 1163)
*Prince Mihailo III (1162 - 1186)


*Petrislav (ca. 1050 - 1083)
*Grand Župan Vukan (1083 - 1115)
*Marko (1083 - 1115)
*Uroš I (ca. 1115/1120 - 1131)
*Uroš II (ca. 1140 - 1161)
*Prince Desa (1161 - 1165)

Family Tree

*Predimir (Petar)
*******Vladimir (Jovan Vladimir)
*******Stefan Dobroslav I Vojislav
**********Kočopar Branislavljević
**********Grubeša Branislavljević
**********Gradinja (Gradinha) Branislavljević
***********Radoslav Gradišnić
************Mihailo III
********Mihajlo I
*********Dobroslav II
*********Konstantin Bodin
**********Mihajlo II
***********Arsicius Tomas?
***********Markus (Marko)?
**********Unknown Son
***********Uroš I
************Uroš II
*************Stefan Nemanja
************** (thereafter House of Nemanjić)
************Jelena (married Béla II, King of Hungary)
*************Géza II
**************István III
**************Béla III
***************Emeric, King of Hungary
****************László III, King of Hungary
***************Margaret, married Emperor Isaac II Angelus and Boniface of Montferrat.
****************John Angelos
****************Manuel Angelos
****************Demetrius, King of Thessalonica
***************Andrew II, King of Hungary
***************Salamon, died young
***************István, died young
***************Konstancia, married King Otakar I of Bohemia
****************Judith, married to Bernard, Duke of Carinthia
****************Anne (Anna Lehnická), married to Henry II the Pious, Duke of Wrocław
****************Wenceslaus I, King of Bohemia
*****************Vladislaus (Vladislav Přemyslovec), Margrave of Moravia, claimant to the Duchies of Austria and Styria
*****************Přemysl Otakar II, Margrave of Moravia, King of Bohemia, Duke of Austria
******************Wenceslaus II, King of Bohemia
*****************Beatrix (Božena), married to Otto III, Margrave of Brandenburg
*****************Agnes (Anežka)
*****************Unknown daughter
****************Vladislaus (Vratislav), Margrave of Moravia
****************Přemyslid (Přemysl), Margrave of Moravia, married to Margaret of Merano
****************Wilhelmina of Bohemia (Vilemína Česká, Guglielmina Boema)
*****************Saint Agnes of Bohemia
**************Ilona (died 1199), married Leopold V, Duke of Austria
*************László II
*************István IV, King of Hungary
*************Álmos, died young
*************Zsófia, a nun
*************Erzsébet, married Mieszko III, King of Poland
**************Władysław III Spindleshanks, Duke of Greater Poland
**************Wierzchoslawa Ludmilla, married Frederick I, Duke of Lorraine
***************Frederick II, Duke of Lorraine
****************Theobald II, Duke of Lorraine
****************Matthias II, Duke of Lorraine
*****************Frederick III, Duke of Lorraine
******************Theobald II, Duke of Lorraine
*******************Frederick IV, Duke of Lorraine
********************Rudolph I, Duke of Lorraine
*********************Unknown Twins
*********************John I, Duke of Lorraine
**********************Charles II, Duke of Lorraine
**********************Frederick, count of Vaudémont
**********************Isabella, married Enguerrand VII of Coucy
********************Margaret, married Jean de Chalon, lord of Auberive, then Conrad, count of Friburg, and lastly Ulrich, lord of Rappoltstein
*******************Matthias, lord of Darney, Boves, Blainville, and Florennes
*******************Hugh, lord of Rumigny, Martigny, and Aubenton
*******************Mary, married (1324) Guy de Châtillon, lord of La Fère-en-Tardenois
*******************Margaret, married (c.1311) Guy de Dampierre, count of Zeeland
*******************Isabella, married Érard de Bar, lord of Pierrepont
*******************Philippine, nun
******************Matthias, lord of Beauregard
******************Frederick, bishop of Orléans (1297-1299)
******************Frederick, lord of Plombiéres, Romont, and Brémoncourt
******************Isabelle, married (1287) Louis III, Duke of Lower Bavaria; then Lord Henry of Sully; and then (1306) Count Henry III of Vaudémont
******************Catherine, lady of Romont, married (1290) Conrad III, count of Fribourg
******************Agnes, married John II, sire of Harcourt
*****************Laure, married in 1250 to Jean de Dampierre (died 1258), viscount of Troyes, and then to Guillaume de Vergy, lord of Mirebeau and Autrey
*****************Isabella, married Guillaume de Vienne, then, in 1256, Jean de Chalon
*****************Catherine, married in 1255 to Richard de Montfaucon, son of Thierry III, Count of Montbéliard
*****************Adeline, married Louis of Savoy, baron of Vaud
****************Reginald, count of Blieskastel
****************Alice, countess of Ormes, married firstly Werner, count of Kirbourg, and secondly, in 1229, Walter, lord of Vignory
****************Lauretta, married Simon III, Count of Saarbrücken, in 1226
****************Jacob, bishop of Metz
***************Thierry the Devil ("le Diable"), lord of Autigny
***************Henry the Lombard, who built the castle of Bayon
***************Philip, lord of Gerbeviller
***************Matthias, bishop of Toul
***************Agatha, abbess of Remiremont
***************Judith, married Henry II, Count of Salm
***************Hedwige , married George, Count of Zweibrücken
***************Cunigunda, married Walram III, Duke of Limburg
*********Sergius (Sergej)
*********Gabriel (Gavrilo)
*********Nicephorus (Nićefor)
*********Theodorus (Teodor)


* Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja
** Ferdo Šišić: "Letopis popa Dukljanina", Beograd-Zagreb, 1928

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* List of Serbian monarchs

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