Szász-Mirakyan operator

Szász-Mirakyan operator

In functional analysis, a discipline within mathematics, the Szász-Mirakjan [Also spelled "Mirakyan" and "Mirakian"] operators are generalizations of Bernstein polynomials to infinite intervals. They are defined by:left [mathcal{S}_n(f) ight] (x)=e^{-nx}sum_{k=0}^infty{frac{(nx)^k}{k!}fleft(frac{k}{n} ight)}where xin [0,infty)subsetmathbb{R} and ninmathbb{N}.cite journal| last=Szász | first=Otto | year=1950 | title=Generalizations of S. Bernstein's polynomials to the infinite interval | journal=Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards | volume=45 | issue=3 | pages=239–245 | url=] cite journal| last=Walczak | first=Zbigniew | year=2003 | title=On modified Szasz-Mirakyan operators | journal=Novi Sad Journal of Mathematics | volume=33 | issue=1 | pages=93–107 | url=]

Basic results

In 1964, Cheney and Sharma showed that if f is convex and non-linear, the sequence (mathcal{S}_n(f))_{ninmathbb{N decreases with n (mathcal{S}_n(f)geq f).cite journal|last=Cheney|first=Edward W.|coauthors=A. Sharma|year=1964|title=Bernstein power series|journal=Canadian Journal of Mathematics|volume=16|issue= [ 2] |pages=241–252] They also showed that if f is a polynomial of degree leq m, then so is mathcal{S}_n(f) for all n.

A converse of the first property was shown by Horová in 1968 (Altomare & Campiti 1994:350).

Theorem on convergence

In Szász's original paper, he proved the following::: If f is continuous on (0,infty), then mathcal{S}_n(f) converges uniformly to f as n ightarrowinfty.This is analogous to [Bernstein polynomial#Approximating continuous functions|a theorem stating that Bernstein polynomials approximate continuous functions on [0,1] .


A Kantorovich-type generalization is sometimes discussed in the literature. These generalizations are also called the Szász-Mirakyan-Kantorovich operators.

In 1976, C. P. May showed that the Baskakov operators can reduce to the Szász-Mirakyan operators.cite journal|last=May|first=C. P.|year=1976|title=Saturation and inverse theorems for combinations of a class of exponential-type operators|journal=Canadian Journal of Mathematics|volume=28|issue=6|pages=1224–1250|url=]


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