neurogenin 1
Symbol NEUROG1
Alt. symbols NEUROD3
Entrez 4762
HUGO 7764
OMIM 601726
RefSeq NM_006161
UniProt Q92886
Other data
Locus Chr. 5 q23-q31
neurogenin 2
Symbol NEUROG2
Entrez 63973
HUGO 13805
OMIM 606624
RefSeq NM_024019
UniProt Q9H2A3
Other data
Locus Chr. 4 q25
neurogenin 3
Symbol NEUROG3
Entrez 50674
HUGO 13806
OMIM 604882
RefSeq NM_020999
UniProt Q9Y4Z2
Other data
Locus Chr. 10 q21.3

Neurogenins are a family of bHLH transcription factors involved in specifying neuronal differentiation. They are related to Drosophila atonal.

The neurogenins (ngns) make up one of these atonal-related gene families. In neural crest cells, the atonal-related neurogenin family is particularly important for the sensory lineage (neurogenins are essential for the formation of dorsal root ganglia), while the achaete-scute homologue ash1 (Mash1) is important for aspects of autonomic neurogenesis (Mash1 is essential for noradrenergic differentiation)[1].


  • Neurogenin-1 (NEUROG1) is expressed in and required for specification of dopaminergic progenitor cells[2].
  • Neurogenin-2 (NEUROG2)
  • Neurogenin-3 promotes (NEUROG2) pancreatic development.


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