Dibasic ester

Dibasic ester

In chemistry, a dibasic ester or DBE is an ester of a dicarboxylic acid. Depending on the application, the alcohol may be methanol or higher molecular weight monoalcohols.

Mixtures of different methyl dibasic esters are commercially produced from short-chain acids such as adipic acid, glutaric acid, and succinic acid.[1] They are non-flammable, readily biodegradable, non-corrosive, and have a mild, fruity odour.[2]

Dibasic esters of phthalates, adipates, and azelates with C8 - C10 alcohols have found commercial use as lubricants, spin finishes, and additives.[3]


Dibasic esters are used in paints, paint strippers, coatings, plasticisers, resins, binders, solvents, polyols, soil stabilization, chemical grouting, oilfield drilling fluids, crop protection products, and adhesives.[2]


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