1950s in sociology

1950s in sociology

The following events related to sociology occurred in the 1950s.


*Theodor Adorno's "The Authoritarian Personality" is published.
*George Homans's "The Human Group" is published.
*Thomas Humphrey Marshall's "Citizenship and Social Class".
*Richard Titmuss' "The Problems of Social Policy" is published.
*Thomas Humphrey Marshall launches the British Journal of Sociology.


*Theodor Adorno's "Minima Moralia" is published.
*Maurice Duverger's "Political Parties" is published.
*Theodor Geiger's "Social Mobility within the Danish Middle-Class" is published.
*Rosa Luxemburg's "The Accumulation of Capital" is published.
*C. Wright Mills' "" is published.
*Talcott Parsons' "The Social System" is published.
*Robert C. Angell serves as president of the ASA.
*Society for the Study of Social Problems is founded.
*British Sociological Association is founded by Morris Ginsberg and others


*Hans Jurgen Eysenck's "Scientific Study of Personality" is published.
*Melville J. Herskovits's "" is published.
*Robert E. Park's "Human Communities" is published.
*Talcott Parsons' and Edward Shils' "Towards a general theory of action" is published.
*Alfred Radcliffe-Brown's "The Structure and Function of Primitive Society" is published.
*Dorothy Swaine Thomas' "The Salvage" is published.
*Dorothy Swaine Thomas serves as the first woman president of the American Sociological Association.


*Morris Ginsberg's "" is published.
*Morris Ginsberg's "On the Diversity of Morals" is published.
*Alfred Kinsey's "Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female" is published.
*C. Wright Mills' "Character and Social Structure" is published.
*Ludwig Wittgenstein's "Philosophical Investigations" is published.
*Max Weber's "The Sociology of Religion" is published.
*Samuel A. Stouffer serves as president of the ASA.


*Lewis Coser's "The Functions of Social Conflict" is published.
*Hans Jurgen Eysenck's "Psychology of Politics" is published.
*David V. Glass' "Social Mobility in Britain" is published.
*David V. Glass' "Trend and Pattern of Fertility in Britain" is published.
*Alvin Ward Gouldner's "Patterns of Industrial Bureaucracy" is published.
*Edmund Leach's "Political Systems of Highland Burma" is published.
*C. Wright Mills' "Mass Society and Liberal Education" is published.
*Siegfried Frederick Nadel's "Nupe Religion" is published.
*Talcott Parsons' "Essays in Sociological Theory" is published.
*Florian Znaniecki serves as president of the American Sociological Association.
*Thomas Humphrey Marshall becomes Chair of Sociology at the LSE


*Theodor Adorno's "Prisms" is published.
*Gordon Allport's "Becoming" is published.
*Milovan Djilas' "The New Class" is published.
*Lucien Goldmann's "The Hidden God; a study of Pascal and Racine" is published.
*George Alexander Kelly's "The Psychology of Personal Constructs" is published.
*Paul Lazarsfeld's "Personal Influence" is published.
*Herbert Marcuse's "Eros and Civilization" is published.
*Joan Woodward's "The Dockworker" is published.
*Barbara Wootton's "Foundations of Wage Policy" is published.
*Leopold Von Weise retires as chairperson of the German Society for Sociology and is succeeded by Helmuth Plessner.


*Vere Gordon Childe's "Man Makes Himself" is published.
*Viola Klein's and Alva Myrdal's "" is published.
*David Lockwood's "Some Remarks on "The Social System"" is published.
*Charles Wright Mills's "The Power Elite" is published.
*Pitirim Sorokin's "Fads and Foibles in Modern Sociology and Related Sciences" is published.
*Otto Stammer's "Functions in the Party Unit" is published.
*Asher Tropp's "" is published.
*Max Weber's "The Soteriology of the Underprivileged" is published.
*November 4 - The use of force by the Soviet union to destroy the Hungarian Uprising turns many doctrinal Marxists away from the Marxist-Leninist model.


*Hans Jurgen Eysenck's "Dynamics of Anxiety and Hysteria" is published.
*Edward Franklin Frazier's "Black Bourgeoisie" is published.
*Terrence Morris's "" is published.
*Stanislaw Ossowski's "Class Structure in the Social Consciousness" is published.
*Karl Polanyi's "Trade and Markets in the Early Empires" is published.
*Karl Popper's "The Poverty of Historicism" is published.
*Alfred Radcliffe-Brown's "A Natural Science of Society" is published.
*Jean-Paul Sartre's "The Problem of Method" is published.
*Victor Turner's "Schism and Continuity in an African Society" is published.
*Karl Wittfogel's "" is published.
*Michael Young's and Peter Willmott's "Family and kinship in East London
*Revised edition of Robert K. Merton's "Social Theory and Social Structure" is published.
*Robert K. Merton serves as president of the ASA.


*Simone De Beauvoir's "The Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter" is published.
*Georges Gurvitch's "The Spectrum of Time" is published.
*Fritz Heider's "The Psychology of Interpersonal Relations" is published.
*David Lockwood's "" is published.
*Helen Merrell Lynd's "On Shame and the Search for Identity" is published.
*C. Wright Mills's "The Causes of World War 3" is published.
*Gunnar Myrdal's "Beyond the Welfare State" is published.
*Irene Taeuber's "The Population of Japan" is published.
*Richard Titmuss' "Essays on the Welfare State" is published.
*Michael Young's "" is published.
*the Jewish Journal of Sociology is established in London, Maurice Freedman becomes the first editor.


*Oliver Cox's "Foundations of Capitalism" is published.
*Ralf Dahrendorf's "Class and Class Conflict in an Industrial Society" is published.
*Ernest Gellner's "Words and Things" is published.
*Erving Goffman's "Presentation of Self in Everyday Life" is published.
*Morris Janowitz's "Sociology and the Military Establishment" is published.
*Oscar Lewis' "Five Families; Mexican Case Studies In The Culture Of Poverty" is published.
*C. Wright Mills's "The Sociological Imagination" is published.
*Geoffrey Duncan Mitchell's "" is published.
*Karl Popper's "The Logic of Scientific Discovery" is published.
*Barbara Wootton's "Social Science and Social Pathology" is published.
*Kingsley Davis serves as president of ASA.
*Barbara Wootton becomes president of the British Sociological Association.
*Helmuth Plessner retires as chairperson of the German Society for Sociology and is succeeded by Theodor Adorno


*April 27: William F. Ogburn
*May 20: Alfred Schütz

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