Horacio's World

Horacio's World

"Horacio’s World" is a set of fictional characters featured on the Monica's Gang comic strips. The main character is Horácio, a baby Tyrannosaurus rex. Other minor characters appear occasionally, but Horacio’s strips are mostly consisted of monologues and self-reflections (some of them are even entirely pantomimic), thus making him Mauricios’s alter-ego. Also, all his stories are written by Mauricio himself.


* "Horacio" – Horacio is a small dinosaur, who spends hours thinking about the reason of existence, and is currently dedicated to search for his mother, who abandoned him while he was in his egg, which is a common habit among Tyrannosaurus. In most of his comic strips, he is reflecting about existence, or similar subjects. He does it mostly alone, but he also enjoys speaking to his few friends. He is also constantly running away from Lucinda.

* "Lucinda" – Lucinda is a natural dreamer, and is constantly trying to date Horácio, who is definitely not interested in any relationship at the moment. She usually ends up angry at Horácio because of his flees, but she won’t stop her attempts to date him.

* "Theco" "(Tecodonte)" – Theco is Horácio’s best friend. Despite being not so concerned about the reason of existence, he is a true buddy to Horácio and enjoys walking around with him, even though they won’t always agree.

* "Mack Mammoth" "(Antão)" – Mack is another true friend of Horácio, a baby mammoth. The size of his heart is directly proportional to his body’s.

* "Terry Pterodactyl" "(Alfredo)" – Terry is a Pterodactyl who looked after Horácio when he was a baby, but now, he is treated more like a friend than like a “father”. Horacio loves to fly on his back.
* "Simone" – Simone is Lucinda’s best friend, but at the same time, her main rival, for her is also in love with Horácio. However, Lucinda’s attempts to date Horacio are much more numerous and frequent than Simone’s.

* "Brontson" "(Brontossauro, often abbreviated to Bronto)" – Brontson is a big and strong Brontosaurus. Despite his size, he is very calm and much like Horacio, a dreamer. He spends most of his time eating leaves at the treetops.


* [http://www.monica.com.br/ingles/personag/t-horaci.htm Horacio’s World at Mônica’s Gang official website]

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