Extreme points of China

Extreme points of China

This is a list of the extreme points of China, compared both globally and within the country.

Global extreme points


* The highest point measured from sea level is the summit of Mount Everest, Tibet, China. While measurements of its height vary slightly, the elevation of its peak is usually given as 8,848 m (29,028 feet) above sea level.

Highest attainable by transportation

*Road (mountain pass): Possibly Semo La, Tibet, ChinaFact|date=April 2008 Convert|5565|m|ft|0|abbr=on, or Marsimik La, India, depending on definition of "attainable by transportation". There may be higher motorable passes in Tibet, China in areas affected by lack of information and restricted access. See Khardung La, 5,359 m for more information.
*Train: Tanggula Mountain Pass, in the Tanggula Mountains, Tibet, China Convert|5072|m|ft|0|abbr=on
*Airport: Qamdo Bangda Airport, Tibet, China Convert|4334|m|ft|0 [cite web | url = http://www.boeing.com/news/releases/1995/news.release.950501.html | title = Boeing News Release: Boeing 757 Now Serves World's Highest-Altitude Airport | accessdate = 2007-09-07|abbr=on]

Highest geographical features

*Lake: There is an unnamed crater lake on Ojos del Salado (which itself is the world's highest volcano) at Convert|6390|m|ft|0 [cite web | url = http://www.andes.org.uk/peak-info-6000/ojos-info.htm | title = Andes Website - Information about Ojos del Salado volcano, a high mountain in South America and the World's highest volcano | accessdate = 2007-09-07] , on the Argentina-Chile border. Another candidate is Lhagba Pool on the northeast slopes of Mount Everest, Tibet, China, at an altitude of Convert|6368|m|ft|0 [cite web | url = http://www.highestlake.com/highest-lake-world.html#Lhagba | title = The Highest Lake in the World | accessdate = 2007-09-07|abbr=on|abbr=on] .
*River: One candidate from among many possibilities is the Ating Ho (Ho meaning river), which flows into the Aong Tso (Hagung Tso), a large lake in Tibet, China and is about Convert|6100|m|ft|0 at its source at coord|32|49|30|N|81|03|45|E|display=inline. A very large high river is the Yarlung Tsangpo or upper Brahmaputra River in Tibet, China, whose main stem, the Maquan He has its source at about Convert|6020|m|ft|0 above sea level at coord|30|48|59|N|82|42|45|E|display=inline [cite web | url = http://www.100gogo.com/bigben.htm | title = The Mystery of World's highest river and largest Canyon | accessdate = 2007-09-07|abbr=on|abbr=on] .
*Island: There are a number of islands in the Orba Co lake, which is located at an altitude of Convert|5209|m|ft|0 in Tibet, China. [cite web | url = http://www.worldislandinfo.com/SUPERLATIVESV2.html | title = Island Superlatives | accessdate = 2007-09-07|abbr=on]


* The Eurasian pole of inaccessibility, the point on land farthest from any ocean, is located approximately 320 km (200 mi) from the city of Urumqi, in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China, at coord|46|16.8|N|86|40.2|E| (in the Dzoosotoyn Elisen Desert). This position is at a distance of approximately 2648 km (1645 mi) from the nearest coastline.

Country extreme points


* Maximum: Mount Everest, Tibet, 8,849.87 m coord|27|59|17|N|86|55|31|E|type:mountain
* Minimal: Turfan Depression, Xinjiang, -154 m coord|42.78|N|89.34|E

Latitude and longitute


* North: Wusuli, Heilongjiang coord|53|33|N|123|16|E|
* South: Xucheng, Guangdong coord|20|14|N|109|56|E|
* West: not to a hundred km in the South-west of Wuqia, Xinjiang coord|39|15|N|73|38|E|
* East: close to Haiqing, Heilongjiang coord|47|40|N|134|45|E|

Totality of the territory

* North: Wusuli, Heilongjiang coord|53|33|N|123|16|E|
* South: Yulin, Hainan [China asserts sovereignty on the Spratley Islands which extend until approximately 6° 30' N (Louisa reef), but this sovereignty is disputed by many nearby countries.] coord|18|7|N|109|32|E|
* West: not to a hundred km in the South-west of Wuqia, Xinjiang coord|39|15|N|73|38|E|
* East: close to Haiqing, Heilongjiang coord|47|40|N|134|45|E|

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