Gem (nuclear organelle) associated protein 4, also known as GEMIN4, is a human gene.cite web | title = Entrez Gene: GEMIN4 gem (nuclear organelle) associated protein 4| url =| accessdate = ]

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summary_text = The product of this gene is part of a large complex localized to the cytoplasm, nucleoli, and to discrete nuclear bodies called Gemini bodies (gems). The complex functions in spliceosomal snRNP assembly in the cytoplasm, and regenerates spliceosomes required for pre-mRNA splicing in the nucleus. The encoded protein directly interacts with a DEAD box protein and several spliceosome core proteins. Alternatively spliced transcript variants have been described, but their biological validity has not been determined.cite web | title = Entrez Gene: GEMIN4 gem (nuclear organelle) associated protein 4| url =| accessdate = ]


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