College (disambiguation)

College (disambiguation)

A college is a collection (Latin collegium) of persons united together for a common purpose so as to form one body. It is a body of colleagues, a guild, fellowship, or association.

College (general education):

  • As a tertiary, independent higher education institution, for post-secondary study, see College. This is also used at the constituent institution of a university.
  • Sixth form colleges
  • A historical name for an academy or secondary school, such as Eton College. See specific school.
  • General further education colleges, e.g. South Devon College offering all the education in an area that isn't either school or university, except that some of it with 14-16s and even with 16-19s overlaps with what is done in schools. See specific school.

College (education - national differences):

  • In Brazil the term colégio (college) is normally used to refer to primary and secondary education institutions and mainly limited to private schools. It is more common to call a primary or secondary public school escola (school). Colégio is never used to refer to tertiary education institutions, which are called university or college.
  • In France, collège is a middle school or junior high school that lasts 4 years (from around 11 to 15 years old). The term collège can, as in English, be used in a generic manner, such as in the term electoral college or the Collège de France. This use, though, is not as common.
  • The term Kolleg (literally: college) is used in some German states for institutions of adult education where graduates of a Berufsschule can graduate with an Abitur. The term Kollegium is used in German language to describe the group of all fellow colleagues, thus meaning the staff of a firm or institution (e.g. teaching staff [school], faculty [university]). Traditional educational institutions (some university departments, or gymnasia) sometimes use the term Collegium/Kollegium as part of their name.

med. team [of doctors] Kollegium {n} [von Ärzten]

  • In Greece the term college is mainly used to refer to private secondary education institutions, high schools and junior high schools.
  • In Hungary the term kollégium refers to a dormitory that may or may not be independent from an educational institution. It can also refer to a university's autonomous student organisation, dedicated to the advanced study of a certain science, topic and so on., for example the "College for Social Theory".
  • A szakkollégium is an upper-level dormitory the student body of which also acts as an autonomous organization.
  • In Italy the term collegio, in school context, refers to a particular school (with elite, alternative or stricter education; a collegio offered by the State to the children of some of its civil employees, or a collegio related to a military education, is more commonly called convitto), many of these also house their students.
  • In the Netherlands the term college is sometimes used in the names of institutes of secondary education. It is also used for classes or lectures at university. It can be used to refer to the mayor and aldermen of a municipality, who form the municipal government.
  • In Spain and the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America the term colegio (school) refers to either institutions for primary and secondary education or some homogeneous grouping of people who refer to themselves as a colegio inasmuch as they are colleagues.
  • In Spain, a "colegio" usually refers to a primary school.
  • In Spain, "college" may refer to "residence halls" within a university.
  • In Peru the word "colegio" refers to elementary to secondary private schools.
  • In some cantons of the French speaking part of Switzerland and also on the border to the Swiss German speaking part (i.e. in Fribourg) the French term "Collège" (German: Kollegium) is used for middle school or junior high school and sometimes for the Gymnasium (10th to 13th grade) which lends to the matura. It is also used as a name for the physical building in which obligatory education takes place (for example,, Le Collège de La Planta).
  • In Turkey, the term college (kolej in Turkish) refers to private high schools.

College (regulatory):

College (media):


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