List of youth councils

List of youth councils

This is a list of youth councils around the world.

Youth councils

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-! Name! Location! Founded! Ages! Notes
United States Youth Council
Washington, D.C.

Started by the National Social Welfare Assembly, the USYC was found to be funded by the CIA. It was disbanded in 1985.
National Youth Council of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

A national representative body for voluntary youth organisations.
National Youth Council of Singapore
1989 [ [ "Vision"] , National Youth Council. Retrieved 12/23/07.]
13 to 35
The national coordinating body for youth affairs in Singapore
National Youth Council of the American Red Cross

13 through adult

Northumberland Youth Advisory Council

Maine Legislative Youth Advisory Council

13 through adult
Has authority to introduce legislation
National Youth Commission
1995 [ [, National Youth Commission. Retrieved 12/23/07.] ]
15-30 [RA 8044]
Lead policy agency on youth development in the Philippines. NYC is under the Office of the President of the Philippines. Currently, Richard Alvin Nalupta is the chairman and CEO of NYC Philippines. It has two commissioner at large and three commissioner per region (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao). The President of Sangguniang Kabataan National Federation is also ex-officio commissioner of NYC. Terms and qualification are based on RA 8044. They are also entitled as cabinet officials.
National Youth Parliament
1995 [ [, National Youth Parliament. Retrieved 12/23/07.] ]
15-30 [Sec. 13 RA 8044]
Policy Recommendatory and Advocatory Body of NYC in terms of policy implementation on youth development both national and local aspects. Zarah Kathleen Alih is currently and first Muslim president of the Youth Parliament since it was convened in 1995. It has already 6th Regular Session which ended every two year term. Delegation is through appointment by National Youth Commission per nomination of all youth organizations in the country. The incoming youth parliament will be held this coming October 2008 at Davao City :)
Sangguniang Kabataan
1991 [ [, National Youth Parliament. Retrieved 12/23/07.] ]
15-17 [RA 7160. Local Government Code of the Philippines as amended in 2002. ]
Serves as local youth council in the country. It has a chairman and members of the council whom to be elected by registered voters in the barangay. Each chairman are entitled to become part as members of the Federation which will serve as member (ex-officio) in the local legislative bodies except for the National Federation. It has indirect supervision by NYC Philippines. Formely known as Kabataang Barangay (KB)|

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