High potential iron-sulfur protein

High potential iron-sulfur protein

Symbol = HIPIP
Name = High potential iron-sulfur protein

width =
caption =
Pfam= PF01355
InterPro= IPR000170
SCOP = 1hpi
OPM family= 124
OPM protein= 1hpi
PDB=PDB3|1hlqB:7-72 PDB3|1hpi :6-69 PDB3|1hrr :46-118PDB3|1ckuA:46-118 PDB3|1neh :46-118 PDB3|1js2A:46-118PDB3|1b0yA:46-118 PDB3|1hrq :46-118 PDB3|1noe :46-118PDB3|1hip :46-118 PDB3|1eytA:9-79 PDB3|1iuaA:9-79PDB3|3hipC:8-78 PDB3|1pij :2-68 PDB3|2hipB:2-68PDB3|1pih :2-68

High potential iron-sulphur proteins (HIPIP)cite journal |author=Meyer TE, Breiter DR, Rayment I, Holden HM |title=The molecular structure of the high potential iron-sulfur protein isolated from "Ectothiorhodospira halophila" determined at 2.5-A resolution |journal=J. Biol. Chem. |volume=266 |issue=28 |pages=18660–18667 |year=1991 |pmid=1917989] are a specific class of high-redox potential 4Fe-4S ferredoxins that functions in anaerobic electron transport and which occurs in photosynthetic bacteria and in "Paracoccus denitrificans". The HiPIPs are small proteins which show significant variation in their sequences, their sizes (from 63 to 85 amino acids), and in their oxidation- reduction potentials. As shown in the following schematic representation the iron-sulphur cluster is bound by four conserved cysteine residues.

[ 4Fe-4S cluster]
| |

'C': conserved cysteine involved in the binding of the iron-sulphur cluster.


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* - High potential iron-sulfur proteins in PROSITE

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*Crystal structures of photosynthetic reaction center and high-potential iron-sulfur protein from Thermochromatium tepidum, thermostability and electron transfer. Nogi T, Fathir I, Kobayashi M, Nozawa T, Miki K; Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2000;97:13561-13566. PMID|11095707

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