List of Robotech characters

List of Robotech characters

This is a list of the major fictional characters in Robotech, the American adaptation of three Japanese animated series: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada, as a single TV series. The series is divided into parts called "generations" which are subtitled The Macross Saga, The Second Generation, and The New Generation. A fourth series was planned but was canceled, with only a few episodes being produced which were later combined into a movie The Sentinels. In 2006, a new feature film was released called The Shadow Chronicles as well as a prelude comic Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles.



This era concerns developments before the first episode of Robotech.


Zor was a Tirolian scientist of the first civilization in the galaxy, He created the (SDF-1) and the Protoculture Matrix, the foundations of the Robotech Masters empire. Zor, who came to Optera to study the Invid Flowers of Life, seduced the Regis and took from her knowledge of the Flowers' secret before abandoning her and the Invid. Zor communed with the planetary intelligence of Haydon IV on one occasion before his first death. Zor created the Zentradi as a spacefaring race of giant humanoid proxy warriors from Protoculture, 497,500 years ago.They contributed greatly to the expansion of the Protoculture Civilization's sphere of influence and the creation of a Protoculture Stellar Republic that controlled most of our galaxy.

The Macross saga

This era concerns the first two seasons of Robotech, adapted from the first Macross TV series, and related stories, otherwise known as The First Generation.

Rick Hunter

Lisa Hayes

Max Sterling

Miriya Parina

Claudia Grant

Linn Minmei

Linn Minmei
First appearance Episode 1 - "Boobytrap"
Voiced by Rebecca Forstadt
Aliases Lynn Minmay (stage name)
Notable relatives Linn Kyle (third cousin), Lina & Max (aunt & uncle; Linn Kyle's parents)

Linn Minmei (Japanese: リン・ミンメイ Rin Minmei, Chinese: 鈴明美/林明美 Pinyin: Líng Míngměi/Lín Míngměi) is a fictional anime character in the First Robotech Saga, which was adapted from the Japanese series The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Minmei has become an iconic character of that series. Rebecca Forstadt voices Minmei under the alias "Reba West".

In Robotech, Minmei is the love interest of the main character Rick Hunter and becomes an idol singer and movie star on board the spacecraft SDF-1. Her songs, which cause confusion amongst alien Zentraedi soldiers, play a critical role in the First Robotech War against Dolza's Grand fleet.[1]

First Robotech War

Born in 1993 during the Global War, Minmei is distinguished by her long black hair and green eyes.

In 2009, Minmei is staying with her Aunt Lina and Uncle Max at the restaurant on Macross Island, where the SDF-1 had crashed ten years earlier and was about to be launched. The sudden attack by the Zentraedi results in Minmei being caught in the midst of the fight, only to be rescued by a young brash pilot named Rick Hunter. Both she and Rick are swept into space along with the SDF-1, Macross City, and a large portion of Macross Island when the SDF-1 initiates an emergency hyperspace fold. She and Rick find themselves lost on an unused hangar aboard the massive ship and spend several days together. Minmei, fearing that they will never be rescued, asks Rick to kiss her in a make-believe wedding. However, just as Rick is about to kiss her, they are rescued and Minmei goes back to her family in the newly rebuilt Macross City aboard the massive ship.

Minmei, who remains upbeat despite the circumstances, convinces her aunt and uncle to reopen their restaurant, an act which serves to inspire other refugees into returning to a sense of normalcy while on the long voyage back to Earth. Minmei also convinces Rick to join the Robotech Defense Force, which Rick excels at and soon becomes an ace pilot. The mayor of Macross City decides to enter Minmei into the Miss Macross Contest, where she becomes the unexpected winner. Minmei goes on to become a music star, with her songs becoming popular to all of Macross City.

However, Minmei's newfound fame and Rick's devotion to his new role as a veritech pilot cause their relationship to slowly split apart. In addition, Lisa Hayes, the first officer aboard the SDF-1, finds herself attracted to Rick, and Rick slowly finds that he has feelings for Lisa, who is almost the opposite of Minmei in many respects but shares his devotion to the military. As the First Robotech War rages on, Rick and Minmei continue to grow farther apart. Upon the SDF-1's return to Earth, the United Earth Government (UEG) denies permission for the civilians on board to be evacuated to Earth, as their knowledge of the alien threat (which has been kept secret by the military), could lead to panic among the population. However, permission is granted for Rick to take Minmei to her home town in Japan to visit her mother and father. However, her third cousin, Lynn Kyle, who feels that he must protect Minmei, returns with them to the SDF-1. Rick dislikes Kyle due to his pacifism and his hatred of the military. Following their return to the SDF-1, Kyle and Minmei star in the first movie filmed in space. Kyle, who is attracted to Minmei despite the fact that she is a distant relative, attempts to kiss her, but she pushes him away. Unfortunately, Rick witnesses this and decides that any romance they once had is over.

Minmei's fame continues to grow, and she sings at almost every important event on the SDF-1, including the wedding of Max Sterling and Zentraedi defector Miriya Parina, the first union of a Zentraedi and a human being.

Minmei's music turns out to be a powerful weapon against the Zentraedi, who have had no exposure to human emotions or customs. Minmei's music is enough to mentally incapacitate the Zentraedi, and thus she becomes a major force in the battle against Zentraedi Supreme Commander Dolza and his 4.8 million-ship grand fleet. Minmei becomes despondent after the Zentraedi Grand fleet blasts Earth, destroying 95% of the surface, and killing virtually all human life on the planet, including her parents. However, Minmei is able to sing "We Will Win" while the SDF-1 and the allied Zentraedi under Breetai launch an assault on Dolza's planetoid homebase. Her song incapacitate the Zentraedi commanders, throwing the fleet into chaos, allowing the SDF-1 to penetrate into the center of the base and launch its entire quantity of missiles. The base explodes and Minmei's song is the last thing Dolza hears before he is vaporized. The explosion of the base, combined with the firing of Earth's grand cannon, destroys virtually the entire Zentraedi fleet.

In 2012, following the war, Minmei resumes her singing career with Kyle as her manager. However, Minmei becomes increasingly uncomfortable with Kyle's drinking and his obsession with making money. Minmei tries to rekindle her relationship with Rick, who still has feelings for her despite his feelings for Lisa Hayes, who by now is in love with Rick and is increasingly upset about Rick's obsession with Minmei. In 2013, Minmei and Kyle are kidnapped by the rebel Zentraedi leader Khyron. Minmei infuriates Khyron by calling him an "overgrown clown", and Khyron loses his temper. Holding Minmei in his hand, Khyron tightens his grip around her, causing her severe pain before she loses consciousness. Khyron, who views Minmei as a valuable hostage whom he needs alive, releases his grip when he realized what he has done. He then pokes her with his finger until she revives and moans in pain. Although Minmei is not seriously injured, she is clearly shaken by the ordeal and becomes convinced that she will not survive. However, Rick Hunter again comes to her rescue by leading an operation, called "Starsaver", in which he blasts his way into Khyron's fortress in his Veritech fighter and rescues her and Kyle.

Later, after landing his fighter at a nearby base, Minmei runs crying into Rick's arms while Kyle and Lisa Hayes look on in anger and disgust.[2] Rick and Minmei rekindle their love, and a short time later, on Christmas Eve, they share a kiss. Kyle decides that he no longer belongs in Minmei's life and sets out on his own to an unknown destination. Lisa, who is devastated by her perceived rejection by Rick, decides to resign her military position after she concludes her feelings for Rick are too strong to allow her to serve in the military by his side.

In January 2014, when Khyron attacks the SDF-1 and New Macross City in his repowered warship, Rick must tear himself away from Minmei's arms to go into battle. Minmei begs Rick not to go as she cannot understand or accept that Rick must constantly risk his life in battle. When the battle is over, both Rick and Minmei realize that they cannot be together as Rick is dedicated to the military and Minmei is dedicated to her music. Rick realizes that his love for Minmei is based more on euphoria than on reality and that his love for Lisa is stronger than he had ever realized up until now. Rick and Lisa, finally realizing and accepting their love for each other, watch Minmei walk away and vow to work together to rebuild Earth.[3]

Rick and Lisa would eventually become senior officers in the United Earth Forces while Minmei goes on to continue her career as a famous singer who is beloved by fans across the globe.

Robotech Expeditionary Force

In 2022, on the verge of the launch of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF), led by the newly completed SDF-3, Rick and Lisa are finally married and Minmei, despite her latent feelings for Rick, is able to sing with her new partner Janice at their wedding. Even so, she cannot help but feel sad as Rick and Lisa run off to their honeymoon, and she says to herself "Goodbye, Rick." This event can be seen in the pilot of Robotech II: The Sentinels.

Minmei and Kyle later stow away aboard the SDF-3 and travel with it on its mission to find the Robotech Masters' homeworld, which lasts almost twenty-two years.

In the Wildstorm comic, Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, set in 2043, Minmei is kidnapped by Colonel T. R. Edwards, who has betrayed the REF to join with the Invid Regent. Edwards also kills her cousin Kyle, who had tried to protect her. Minmei is held hostage for over a year before she is rescued. Minmei was subsequently taken to Tirol, the Robotech Masters' homeworld which has been freed from the control of the Invid. She is not seen or mentioned in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, although it is believed that she is still alive.

Henry J. Gloval

Henry J. Gloval
First appearance Episode 1 - "Boobytrap"[4]
Voiced by Greg Finley

Captain (later Admiral) Henry J. Gloval is a major character in the First Saga of Robotech (1999–2014). Although the Robotech television series reveals little about Gloval prior to the launch of the SDF-1 in February 2009, Wildstorm's Robotech comic series From the Stars provides considerable detail about Gloval's life and successes in the late 1990s and following the crash-landing of the SDF-1 in 1999. Details of Henry J. Gloval's personal life have never been revealed, although he never makes any mention of a wife, children or family and is depicted as being dedicated to his job and duties above all else.

During the Global War which raged on Earth in the late 1990s, American forces moved to stabilize an out-of-control political and military situation in the Asian Pacific. The Russian Navy was ordered to deter American forces, which pitted Gloval against former allies he had worked with during the hopeful days following the end of the Cold War.

It was while leading an American carrier task force on a chase across the Pacific Ocean that Gloval was caught up in the most important event in human history up until that point - the crash landing of an enormous alien battle fortress, later named the SDF-1 in July 1999. After surviving the initial shockwave, Gloval and the crew of his Oscar-class nuclear submarine, the Minsk, were the first humans to arrive on the crash scene and were responsible in securing the site before an international team of scientific experts could arrive to examine the wreckage. Knowing that his own government would not be able to control the site, Gloval defied orders and allowed an international team of experts to investigate the wreckage. This precedent helped to broker an international ceasefire, and eventually helped lead to the formation of the United Earth Government. Gloval became a leading figure among Earth's military, and his unblemished reputation allowed him to reach consensus among fellow military officers around the world. Among his key supporters was Donald Hayes, who had been both ally and adversary in the past. Hayes' daughter, Lisa Hayes, would become Gloval's first officer on the SDF-1.

For 10 years, Gloval marshaled the resources of the entire planet to rebuild the battle fortress. It was only natural that Gloval was appointed as commander of the Earth's first Super Dimension Fortress, now renamed the SDF-1. The now refitted SDF-1 was launched in February 2009 at a huge ceremony. Gloval's new bridge crew consists of First Officer Lt.Commander Lisa Hayes, Lt.Commander Claudia Grant, and bridge operators Lieutenant Vanessa Leeds, Lieutenant Sammy Porter, and Lieutenant Kim Young, all of whom are women and under the age of 25. Consequently, they regard him as a father figure and a source of advice and inspiration.

Gloval would immediately be thrust into combat as the Zentraedi arrive to reclaim their lost ship on the same day that the SDF-1 was launched. Gloval would guide the SDF-1 during the next two turbulent years of the First Robotech War.

Gloval commands the SDF-1 throughout the First Robotech War, leading the ship, and the people aboard, through numerous battles against the Zentraedi. Gloval routinely clashes with the United Earth Government (UEG) regarding their belligerent and uncompromising attitude toward the Zentraedi and their refusal to try and make peace. In addition, Gloval is visibly furious when the UEG refuses to allow the 70,000 civilians aboard the SDF-1 to return to Earth. In April 2011, Gloval makes a plea for peace with the Zentraedi as he speaks at the wedding of Max Sterling and Zentreadi defector Miriya Parina.[5] A short time later, Gloval helps facilitate a truce with Breetai and the Zentraedi under him and gain is support against Zentraedi Supreme Command Dolza.[6]

However, Zentraedi Supreme Commander Dolza, realizing the threat that human emotions and culture now pose to his command, orders his entire fleet to fold into Earth orbit to destroy the planet, the SDF-1 and all of the Zentraedi under Breetai who have rebelled. Although Gloval is unable to stop Dolza's Grand Fleet of 4.8 million ships from devastating Earth, he develops and commands an operation, utilizing the singing of Lynn Minmay and the Daedalus attack developed by Lisa Hayes, in a daring operation which ultimately leads to Dolza's defeat and the destruction of virtually the entire Zentraedi fleet.[7]

Gloval becomes an Admiral following the defeat of Dolza's grand fleet and oversees the reconstruction of Earth and the reestablishment of the United Earth Government (UEG). The challenges are immense: 95% of the Earth's surface has been devastated, with all major cities destroyed and most of planet's vegetation reduced to endless deserts. The population of the world is reduced from billions to only 70,000.[8] Yet despite the challenges, Gloval successfully leads Earth through its recovery. In 2013, new challenges emerge including Zentraedi rebellions, the military threat posed by Khyron's rebels and the capture of the Zentraedi factory satellite. Gloval provides leadership through all of these threats. He decides to appoint Captain Lisa Hayes, his second in command during the war, to command the newly built SDF-2 .

In January 2014, in the final battle against the rebel Zentraedi under Khyron, Gloval leads the bridge crew of the SDF-1 into battle despite the massive damage the ship sustained during the war. Using all of the SDF-1's remaining power, it is able to fire one shot which cripples Khyron's warship. However, Khyron is determined to have his revenge against Gloval and the SDF-1, even in death and rigs his warship for a suicide run at the SDF-1. The resulting collision destroys both ships. Admiral Gloval, along with Commander Claudia Grant, Vanessa Leeds, Sammy Porter, Kim Young and the rest of the crew aboard the SDF-1 die in resulting explosion. Gloval's last act before the impact is to push Lisa Hayes into the last functioning escape pod on the bridge.[3] Gloval becomes a celebrated hero, and even 15 years later (during the Second Robotech Saga), he and his crew are still held as examples for new military recruits to follow.[8]

The voice of Captain Henry J. Gloval was provided by Greg Finley.

Roy Fokker

Roy Fokker
First appearance Episode 1 - "Boobytrap"[4]
Voiced by Dan Woren

In the 1985 Robotech adaptation of the first Macross series, Roy's portrayal was toned down for American audiences by producer Carl Macek. He keeps his original name, but it was written as "Roy Fokker." His basic persona was the same in both series, though details differed. Episode 18 was renamed "Farewell Big Brother".[9] The Robotech version of the character was voiced by Dan Woren.

Wildstorm's 2002-2003 Robotech comic series developed a background story for this character that was different from the background in Macross. In this version, Roy was the chief test pilot in the VF-1 development program, and as a potential symbol for the nascent United Earth Government (renamed from the U.N. Government in Macross), was the target of a number of assassination attempts by the Anti-Unification movement, including at least two ambushes during his flight tests of the YF-1 (known as two separate vehicles in Macross, the VF-X and the VF-X-1). He survived both attempts on his life, including the crash of his prototype Valkyrie while testing the Guardian (known as GERWALK in Macross) configuration.

After his crash, the Valkyrie program was officially canceled in favor of Project Excalibur, a design project to develop Destroids (walking battroid/battloid tanks); however, the anti-unification hijacking of the "Armor-One" space carrier gave him the opportunity to prove the VF-1 Valkyrie's worth once and for all; he launched on the unofficial and highly illegal orders of Captain Henry J. Gloval, using the first production-model VF-1 (a VF-1S that would be his mount for the rest of his life), and ended the threat to the SDF-1 by destroying the bridge of the hijacked carrier and shooting down the reflex missile it had fired at Macross.[10]

Ben Dixon

Ben Dixon is a character based on Hayao Kakizaki of the original Japanese series, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. Ben, along with his best friend Max Sterling, become rookie wingmates under the command of newly promoted Lieutenant Rick Hunter, forming the Vermillion Squadron with Roy Fokker watching over them. While Max is quiet and shy, husky Ben is jovial, gregarious and fashions himself (or rather overrates himself) as a ladies man. He and Roy are fellow jokesters and often team up to tease Rick over the romantic circle he's involved in with Lynn Minmei and Lisa Hayes. Under the watchful eye of Roy, Ben, Max, and Rick became a tight-knit group during the early days of the war with the Zentraedi.

Out of the three, Ben seems to require the most repairs to his plane after a battle. Sadly, Ben's phenomenal luck runs out when, during a malfunction of the SDF-1's omnidirectional barrier system, the barrier explodes and Ben is caught in the blast. Following the recent loss of Roy Fokker, Ben's death comes as another painful blow to Rick, Max, and Lisa.[11][12][13]

While trying to write a letter to Ben's parents about his death, Rick thinks he sees Ben who tries to cheer him up.


First appearance Episode 7 - "Bye-bye Mars"
Voiced by Greg Snegoff
Nicknames Khyron the Backstabber
Khyron the Destroyer
Species Zentraedi

Khyron is the unconventional leader of the Zentraedi Botoru Battalion. He is known as Quamzin Kravshera in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the series which was adapted into the first saga of Robotech.

Sometimes known as Khyron Kravshera or Lord Khyron, he was a brilliant but often insubordinate and mentally unstable Zentraedi commander during the First Robotech War. Khyron earned the nickname Khyron the Backstabber because of his habit of attacking his own men when angered or drunk.[14]

Khyron's Botoru Battalion was summoned to the Solar system by Commander Breetai, against the advice of Exedore, to assist in the capture of the SDF-1 Macross. While his unorthodox tactics kept the RDF off balance, he was often rebuked by both Commanders Breetai and Azonia for risking undue damage to the fortress. On one occasion, Breetai was forced to use the nebulizer in order to forcibly recall Khyron from an unauthorized attack while Azonia had to threaten him with being fired upon himself to force him to disengage from another attack. When Breetai's forces joined the SDF-1 in battle against Dolza's Grand Fleet, Khyron showed his self-serving nature by deserting.

Following the destruction of the Zentraedi Grand fleet in April 2011, Khyron's ship crashes in the arctic where he, Azonia and its crew remain dormant for almost two years. However, in July 2013, Khyron and Azonia steal a protoculture chamber from New Detroit which they use to resize the growing number of disaffected micronized Zentraedi back into warrior giants. Although many Zentraedi had been peacefully assimilated into Earth's surviving human population, many others were simply unable to overcome their natural desire to fight and destroy and they turn to Khyron as their leader.[15] In an effort to get their hands on a protoculture Matrix to repower their warship, Khyron and Azonia kidnapped Lynn Minmay and her cousin Lynn Kyle and attempt to ransom them for the SDF-1. During their capture, Khyron, who is holding Minmay in his hand, asks Minmay to sing. Minmay, whose music in the past has been able incapacitate Zentraedi, who have had no exposure to human culture or music, sings "to be in love". The surrounding Zentraedi become scared and paralyzed and even Khyron falls to his knees. However, although Khyron is initially overwhelmed, he is able to overcome the effects and closes his hand around Minmay to stop her singing. Khyron proudly declares that he is immune to Minmay's "magical witchcraft". Minmay, surprised that Khyron has been unaffected by her song, calls Khyron an "overgrown clown" and states she will not help him with his plans. Khyron loses his temper and tightens his grip on Minmay, who shrieks in pain as her body is squeezed tighter and tighter with a disturbing crunching sound. Azonia notices and yells at Khyron to be careful, causing him to regain his composure and he release his grip. However, Minmay is now deathly still and appears not to be breathing, and Khyron fears he may have killed her (which would ruin his plans). He repeatedly pokes Minmay with his finger and eventually she revives and moans in pain. Fortunately, Minmay escapes serious injury and Khyron remarks that micronians (humans) are "well-built little things." Eventually, a rescue operation led by Rick Hunter, dubbed Operation Star Saver, is able to free both Minmay and Kyle, and Khyron is forced to resort to even more brutal tactics.[2]

Throughout the second half of 2013, Khyron's forces continue to grow in size as more and more disaffected Zentraedi join him and other Zentraedi rebellions start breaking out all over the world, straining the United Earth Government's forces. Khyron, then restyled himself Khyron the Destroyer, takes advantage of these circumstances and, with his new forces, launches an assault on Macross City in December 2013 and manages to steal a protoculture storage matrix. As his forces escape with the matrix, Khyron detonates numerous bombs hidden within the city, which he coldly declares is a "Christmas present." The bombs cause massive damage to the city and inflict numerous civilian casualties which soon stream into overflowing hospitals. The damage is so severe that many people simply leave and move to other cities. Even a month later, much of the damage has not been repaired.[16]

Khryon uses the protoculture matrix to repower his warship but although he can simply leave Earth, he decides that he cannot leave until the SDF-1 is destroyed. In January 2014, Khryon and his forces launch a full scale assault on Macross City. Firing his warship's main gun, a swath of New Macross City is obliterated and the SDF-1 takes a direct hit. Khyron also fires numerous missiles at the city, causing even more damage than his attack a month earlier. However, Admiral Henry J. Gloval and the bridge crew manage to regain control of the SDF-1 and launch it a short distance into the air. Using all of its remaining power, the SDF-1's main gun is able to fire one shot which cripples Khryon's warship.[3]

The SDF-1's final shot shears off an entire section of Khyron's ship, crippling its weapons, defenses and communications. Bleeding from a severe cut above his eye, Khyron sees that his top lieutenants, Grel and Gerao, have been killed but that Azonia is still alive. Despite the now critical situation, Khyron is still obsessively determined to destroy the SDF-1, even at the cost of his own life. Khyron, after realizing that his warship's navigation system is still operational, tells Azonia that they can still destroy the SDF-1, but then adds "It requires a sacrifice. Are you willing to face it with me?" Azonia joins hands with Khyron as says "It will be glorious!" Khyron then rigs his warship's navigation system for a collision course with the SDF-1. The SDF-1, drained of power, cannot defend itself as Khryon launches his suicidal run. All available mecha and veritech fighters throw everything they have against Khyron's ship but they cannot stop it. As the two ships collide, Khyron and Azonia, still holding hands, shout "Victory!" before they are vaporized. The collision and resulting impact and explosion destroys Khyron's ship, the SDF-1 and the newly completed SDF-2. There are no survivors of those aboard the SDF-1 except for Commander Lisa Hayes, who was pushed into the only remaining operable escape pod on the bridge at the last moment. The rest of the bridge crew, including Admiral Henry J. Gloval, Commander Claudia Grant, and bridge operators Vannesa Leeds, Sammy Porter and Kim Young, die at their posts.[3]

New Macross City is left in ruins by the battle and the radioactive fallout from the destruction of the three ships leads to the evacuation and sealing off of the entire area, with its survivors being relocated to the other cities, in particular, Monument City (which would later become the capital of the United Earth Government (UEG)). The remains of the three ships are buried under three giant mounds of dirt, but not before everything that can be salvaged out of the wreckage is removed to continue to rebuild Earth and to aid in the planned construction of the SDF-3.[8]

Khyron is held as a hero among the remaining rebel Zentraedi and their uprisings continue throughout 2014 and 2015 before the last rebels are defeated

In the Del Rey Robotech novels by Jack McKinney, Khyron's behavior was believed to be a side effect from ingesting the petals of the Invid Flower of Life. It was even indicated that this behavior led to his instability and madness and that he had not always been that way. Also it was suggested that Khyron's final assault on the SDF-1 was an inspiration to many Zentraedi during the malcontent uprisings in 2014 and 2015, although all are eventually put down.

At one point during the kidnapping of Minmay and Kyle, Khyron kisses Azonia to the shock of Minmay, Kyle and the surrounding Zentraedi, who realize that human culture as affected Khyron far more than they or even Khyron himself thought possible. In previous encounters, humans kissing one another has caused Zentraedi to recoil in fear and disgust, yet Khyron is able to embrace this human custom quite easily and with great pleasure. The irony, that Khyron possesses a burning hatred for humans but embraces elements of their culture that are completely foreign and repulsive to the Zentraedi, is apparently lost on him.

Khyron was voiced by actor Greg Snegoff.

Bridge bunnies

The Macross operators — Vanessa Leeds,[17] Kim Young,[18] and Sammie Porter[19] were three minor fictional characters in the first Macross series (which was adapted as the first story arc of Robotech). They were attractive girls who managed the various functions of the SDF-1 Macross's bridge under Captain Gloval.


First appearance Episode 11 - "First Contact"
Voiced by Mike Reynolds
Species Zentraedi

Dolza is the Supreme Commander of all Zentraedi forces. Dolza was voiced by Michael Reynolds.[20]

Dolza is the supreme commander of all Zentraedi forces in the galaxy, commanding his fleet of over 4.8 million capital ships from his massive mobile planetoid homebase. Dolza is the second oldest Zentraedi (only Exedore is older) and is the largest of his race, standing 17.5 meters (57.4 feet) tall, although in the Jack McKinney Robotech novels, Dolza is described as being over 24.4 meters (80 feet) tall.

Dolza is ordered by the Robotech Masters to find and recover the lost spaceship that had crashed on Earth in 1999. The ship, stolen by the disciples of Zor, contains a vital component, a protoculture matrix, which the Masters desperately need to ensure the survival of their civilization.

Initial assaults on the SDF-1

Dolza assigns the task of locating the lost ship to his trusted subordinate and decorated warrior Breetai. On July 1, 2009, Zentraedi scouts locate the ship, which has now been rebuilt by the human inhabitants, who have dubbed it the SDF-1 Macross. This first encounter marks the start of the First Robotech War. Dolza remains removed from the initial conflict, preferring to let Breetai handle the situation. However, following the initial failures of Zentraedi forces to capture the SDF-1, Dolza orders the capture of some of its human occupants for interrogation.

Following the capture of Rick Hunter, Ben Dixon, and Lisa Hayes by Breetai and his forces, they are taken to Dolza homebase to be interrogated, during which Dolza demonstrates the power of the Zentraedi by having his fleet blast the surface of a planet to ashes and warns that he can do the same thing to Earth if he chooses to. Lisa Hayes, suspicious as to why Dolza does not just order his fleet to attack Earth, yells that Dolza does not have the power to destroy Earth and the SDF-1 is far superior to his "bucket of bolts." Dolza, infuriated by this slams his hand on the table hard enough to cause the captives to lose their balance. He then extends his hand and grasps Lisa, closing his hand around her body and lifting her up in front of his face. He then orders her to tell him how they became micronians (human-size) but Lisa refuses to respond. Dolza then tightens his grip on Lisa until she screams in pain. Rick, fearing that Dolza will kill Lisa, yells at him to stop squeezing her and explains that humans are born from their mothers at their current size and that this occurs after a man and woman fall in love. Breetai, who is also present asks how humans express love and Rick responds that it is done by kissing one another. Dolza, who like the other Zentraedi, have never heard of such things before, demands to see a demonstration of kissing and suggests that Rick and Ben kiss one another. Rick refuses and Dolza threatens to crush all of them, but Lisa states she will be the one to demonstrate by kissing Rick. After Dolza returns her to the table, Lisa orders Rick to kiss her, an action which shocks Dolza and the other Zentraedi present. This kiss, ironically, is the start of Rick and Lisa's long and difficult romance and the beginning of the love triangle between Rick, Lisa and Lynn Minmay.

Following the escape of Rick, Lisa and Ben, Dolza again orders Breetai to seize the SDF-1 through force, yet Breetai's forces are hindered not only by the skilled pilots of the SDF-1's veritech fighter squadrons but also by the effects that the exposure to human culture and emotions, which are causing more and more Zentraedi soldiers to rethink their austere life as soldiers. The situation grows worse for Dolza as Zentraedi soldiers, including ace pilot Miriya Parina, defect to the SDF-1. Dolza, realizing the situation and the threat that human emotions pose to his command, orders the SDF-1 destroyed but by now Breetai, Exedore and the entire Zentraedi force under their command, have changed sides due to "cultural contamination" by the humans' emotions, against which it is now clear the Zentraedi have no defense against. Breetai does this on the recognition that many Zentraedi, not just Miriya Parina have found the human way of life, too good to resist, and whom no longer want to fight for Dolza. Breetai himself, who has now had considerable exposure to human emotions and their way of life, eventually decides that the humans do not have to be his enemies and sends a micronized Exedore to negotiate a truce and an alliance against Dolza.

Final assault against Earth

After learning of Breetai's defection, Dolza quickly realizes that the entire Zentraedi military could be similarly affected by human emotions. Dolza decides to take decisive and brutal action, ordering the 4.8 million capital ships in the Zentraedi Grand Fleet, along with his planetoid homebase, to fold into Earth's solar system and destroy the SDF-1, the defecting Zentraedi forces, and the Earth itself to eliminate the threat of the humans once and for all.

After folding into Earth orbit, the Grand Fleet fires on Earth, causing horrific damage - cities, houses, soldiers and children are all vaporized as the 4.8 million ships fire relentlessly. No area of the planet is spared by the barrage. Dolza, watching on his computer monitor only smiles while the crew of the SDF-1 watches with horror and sadness as their homeworld is devastated. However, they find the strength to launch a plan with the allied Zentraedi under Breetai to end Dolza's threat.

Dolza orders the fleet to prepare to fire again but before the fleet can fire, the Alaska base, which survived the initial attack, fires the massive Grand Cannon which destroys a large portion of the Zentraedi Grand Fleet. The SDF-1, along with the allied Zentraedi under Breetai launch an attack against Dolza's massive planetoid homebase. Lynn Minmay sings throughout the battle and its broadcast causes the Zentraedi commanders throughout Dolza's fleet, who have had no exposure to human emotions, to become mentally crippled and unable to fight, causing disorder through Dolza's forces. The SDF-1, with the help of Breetai's forces, fights its way through the hostile fleet until it reaches Dolza's base. In a modified Daedalus attack, the SDF-1 launches a run against Dolza's base and punches right through the outer walls. Traveling through what seems like an endless sea of metal, the SDF-1 eventually penetrates into the hollow center. The SDF-1 launches its entire quantity of missiles at the base's weak point: its massive power source - the reflex furnace; before activating its defense shield. Dolza, who was smiling just a few moments earlier, suddenly wears a look of shock and fear as he realizes what is about to happen. Looking at his computer monitor, he watches Minmay singing "We will win," which is the last thing he sees before he is vaporized. The planetoid base explodes with enough force to destroy the rest of the Zentraedi Grand fleet.


Although Dolza and his Grand Fleet are defeated, the cost to Earth and human race is astronomical. Approximately 95% of the Earth's surface was "devastated" in the "Zentraedi Rain of Death."[16]

All major cities are reduced to ashes and most of the planet's vegetation and farmland is reduced to endless deserts. The population of the Human race is reduced from billions to only 70,000, most of whom only survive because they were on board the SDF-1. Yet, the survivors, with the allied Zentradi, pick up the pieces and begin the long task of rebuilding Earth.

Dolza's final attack on Earth not only resulted in his own death but also marked the end of the Zentraedi's once awesome galactic power. Between the firing of the massive Grand Cannon by the Alaska Base and the massive explosion resulting from the destruction of Dolza's planetoid base, virtually the entire Zentraedi military is destroyed. Of the nearly 4.8 million ships that comprised the Zentraedi military, only a few hundred survive the battle. Most of these ships are either destroyed or join Breetai and the humans in a subsequent operation against the last surviving Zentraedi Factory satellite in June 2013. The Zentraedi who later rebel against the human way of life, led by Khyron are ultimately defeated in January 2014, as are subsequent Zentraedi rebellions during 2014 and 2015.

However, Dolza's defeat does not mark the end of the alien threats to Earth. The Robotech Masters, after realizing that Dolza has failed to capture the SDF-1 and its protoculture matrix, begin a 15-year journey to Earth to retrieve it themselves, which sets the stage for the Second Robotech War. In 2029, the human race would again face a war for their survival, and peace would remain an elusive dream.

Donald Hayes

Admiral Takashi Hayase of the Macross series is also known as Admiral Donald Hayes in the English series.

The Admiral's wife died, leaving behind his only child, Lisa Hayes.[21]

In Episode 15 of the series, he tells Captain Henry J. Gloval to leave the earth with the SDF-1 Macross and not to allow the civilians on board to disembark. He also convinced that the Grand Cannon will be able to wipe out a Zentradi invasion force despite clear warnings of how powerful the enemy is.[4]

The character shares the same fate in both Robotech and Macross. During Dolza's attack on the SDF-1 Macross and the Earth, the Admiral uses the Grand Cannon but only manages to destroy 800,000 of the invasion forces' 4.8 million capital ships. The cannon is hit by enemy fire, and he eventually dies in the ensuing explosion. His daughter Lisa Hayes is saved by Rick Hunter.[3]

The second generation

This era concerns the second series adapted to Robotech (Southern Cross) and the movie adapted from Megazone 23, and is referred to as The Robotech Masters story arc.

Dana Sterling

Rolf Emerson

Rolf Emerson
Voiced by Michael McConnohie
Notable relatives Bowie Grant (Godson)
Dana Sterling (Ward)

Rolf Emerson appeared during the Southern Cross segment of the series, which is also known as Robotech: Masters. This segment was originally the 1984 anime series Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Rolf Emerson is one of the handful of characters to retain their original name and name spelling for the Robotech adaptation. In Robotech, he was voiced by actor Michael McConnohie.

Primary continuity

Major General Rolf Emerson was Chief of Staff in the Army of the Southern Cross and a trusted adjutant to Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard. Gentle and compassionate, Emerson often sued for peaceful negotiations over the militaristic solutions that Leonard proposed. Emerson was known for his excellent tactical skills in battle, especially in contrast to Leonard's often rash and aggressive "throw everything we have at them" tactics. The two men often clashed over their philosophies but it was obvious that they deeply respected each other.

Emerson, and his wife Laura, were made godparents to Bowie Grant and Dana Sterling who were left under his care while their parents joined the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) in 2022. Bowie in particular cried inconsolably as his parents left and Emerson faced the difficult challenge of raising him. Emerson and his wife, who had no children of their own, took care of Dana and Bowie, who were both only children when their parents left with the REF. Both hoped that their parents return quickly but events would keep the Expeditionary forces away from Earth throughout their entire childhood. Emerson's decision to enroll both of them in the military had resulted in a divorce from Laura. Laura never understood his reasons; childless herself, Dana and Bowie had become her children, and she could never understand why her husband would choose to wish war on their adopted children.

In 2029, Dana and Bowie graduate from the United Earth Forces Military academy and are placed with the 15th tactical armored squadron of the Southern Cross. However, Emerson still does all he can to help them when their run afoul with their superiors. Bowie, having fallen in love with Musica, a young cloned citizen of the Master's race who, like Bowie, is a talented musician who finds music far more enjoyable than war. Bowie, determined to help her escape from the Masters, smuggles her to Earth. However, once Musica presence is discovered by GMP officer Nova Satori, Bowie and Musica flee from Monument city and take refuge in the ruins of the SDF-1. Bowie, becomes a fugitive for the latter part of the series, and Emerson believes that even his influence will not protect Bowie from the consequences. Dana, who strongly opposes Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard's treatment of captured bioroid pilots (in particular Zor Prime), openly disagrees with him, and it is only Emerson's influence that stops Leonard from taking serious disciplinary action against Dana.

Leonard, who grows tried of Emerson disagreeing with him over his refusal to negotiate with the Robotech Masters, eventually assigns Emerson to Moon Base Aluce, where he felt that Emerson would be most useful (and would be less of a thorn in his side). This was the first line of defense against the Robotech Masters. Because of this, several officers under Emerson were convinced that the assignment was essentially a death sentence because Emerson had continually opposed Leonard's policies. Emerson, against all expectations, survived a major battle with the Masters by carrying out a space warp maneuver.

Emerson eventually meets the Robotech Masters themselves after he and his crew are captured in space. Failing to persuade the Robotech Masters to consider peace, he dies protecting Bowie from a rifle blast fired by a Bioroid Terminator. Emerson dies in Bowie's arms, his last words a plea for peace between the two beleaguered races. Emerson's death is a blow for Dana and Bowie, who had regarded him as their father and friend.[22]

Emerson's wish for peace goes largely unfulfilled. The Masters are destroyed and the forces of the United Earth Forces (UEF) and the Southern Cross are decimated by the war. The subsequent collapse of the United Earth Government's power caused led to the fragmentation of the once united world, leading to the creation of city states that warred with each other. One year later, the Invid invade, the remainder of the UEF and the Southern Cross are destroyed.

Secondary continuity

In the Jack MicKinney novels (regarded as secondary continuity), Emerson is involved in several pivotal events between the time period of the first and second robotech wars while his history and a decidedly negative relationship with Anatole Leonard are expanded upon.

Originally a career officer in the RDF whose family perished during the Zentradi decimation of Earth's surface, Emerson resigned his commission sometime after the Zentradi Malcontent Uprisings and was eventually assigned the political position of Minister of Terrestrial Defense in the United Earth Government.

Sometime following his appointment and the departure of the SDF-3, Emerson launched an investigation into a string of suspicious and fatal accidents involving the REF Alpha fighter. Believing that the fighters had been the victims of deliberate sabotage and that Leonard, an outspoken opponent of the RDF, was secretly behind these efforts in order to discredit the RDF, Emerson assigned pilot Terry Weston to investigate. It was eventually uncovered that the sabotage had been conducted by operatives from a flight school known as the Gilles Academy which had been co-founded by Leonard's former adjutant Joseph Petrie. Also uncovered was a plot to assassinate Emerson himself at his home along with his then-partner Ilan Tinari, Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant by means of a remote controlled hovertank. Weston destroyed the tank a half-mile short of Emerson's home but the evidence detailing the plot and the sabotage attempts were destroyed before a subsequent raid on the academy could take place. Although Weston and Dana grew close during and after this operation, a rift formed between Emerson and Weston because a still underage Dana allegedly lost her virginity to Weston although it was at Dana's persuasion as she wanted her first sexual encounter to be with someone she cared for. Although she regrets putting Weston in such a position, she still cherished first experience with him, and they remained close. Also, eventually, Emerson chose to see Weston as the good man he was and the rift between them was healed before their deaths.

In 2022, a government accord was enacted to consolidate the Southern Cross and remaining elements of the RDF into a single military body but tensions between the two proved insurmountable and eventually escalated into open conflict by 2029 with Southern Cross forces under Leonard's command attempting a full-fledged coup of the existing government. Despite repeated prior invitations to join the conflict on the side of the RDF, Emerson refused believing that the conflict was weakening earth's forces.

Later that year, Emerson received information from civilian elements in Tokyo that Leonard had been secretly appraised of the imminent arrival of the Robotech Masters by Dr. Lazlo Zand and had used it to justify his attempted takeover of the United Earth Government. Looking to end the conflict Emerson confronted Leonard with a threat to go public with the information if he refused to abandon his coup attempt effectively negotiating a cease-fire between the two factions. Realizing that a joint defense force was unworkable, Emerson proposed that the two forces be allowed to exist separately with each acting as a check and balance on the other. Leonard acquiesced under several conditions including that Emerson agree to return to military service under the Army of the Southern Cross and that the moniker of the RDF be abandoned. Consequently, the remaining elements of the RDF were largely folded into the GMP.

Anatole Leonard

Anatole Leonard
First appearance Episode 37 - "Dana's Story"[8]
Voiced by Greg Finley
Aliases Eli Anatole Leonard/Anatole Westophal Leonard

Anatole Eli Leonard is the supreme commander of the Army of the Southern Cross. His full name is also given as Eli Anatole Leonard or Anatole Westophal Leonard in the novelizations. In the original The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross series, he was called Claude Leon. In the Robotech animation, he was voiced by Greg Finley.

Following the departure of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) from Earth in December 2022, Leonard further consolidated his power as Earth's military and, to a large extent, political leader. Although the United Earth Government still existed, Leonard's authority and decisions, military or otherwise, were never questioned. As democracy largely ceased to function during the interlude between the first and second robotech wars, an unstable feudal society evolved. Leonard's power and authority, along with that of the Global Military Police (GMP) was used to keep this society in line. Most of those who had objected to this turn of events had left with the REF. Many of those who stayed on Earth worried about the omnipresent threat of another alien attack, and were willing to trade freedom for security.

Post-global war

Primary continuity
Television series version

Almost nothing is known for certain about General Leonard's career before he was granted the Supreme Commander ship of Earth's forces.

Wildstorm Comics version

In the Wildstorm comics which depict the post Global War period, Leonard is introduced as the director of Earth's Destroid Project weapons program. It was intended to replace the Project Valkyrie which had been placed on hold due to several test pilot accidents. Distrustful of the growing United Earth Government, Leonard recruited a young T. R. Edwards to help secretly further sabotage other UEG sponsored Robotechnology projects. This plan failed due to the interference of Roy Fokker. Leonard decided to bide his time and over the course of the years leading to the second Robotech War established a revised United Earth Government under the aegis of the United Earth Forces.

Secondary continuity
Eternity/Academy comics & novelizations version

Anatole Leonard was first active in the years following the Global Civil War as a behind the scenes organizer against the rebuilding of the crashed alien ship which would become known as the SDF-1. Most notable of the organizations that he worked with and helped to fund was The Faithful, a religious order that deemed the SDF-1 and Robotechnology to be a tool of the Devil. Leonard would also engineer the kidnapping of Dr. Emil Lang's sister, Nina, in the hopes that she would use her own celebrity status as a rock star to speak out against Robotechnology. These tactics failed and Leonard disappeared only to re-emerge years later as Governor of Brasilia in South America during the Zentraedi Malcontent Uprisings that followed the First Robotech War. This would lead to his formation of the Army of the Southern Cross and a tense but steady relationship with the Earth based Robotech Defense Force which would eventually come under his command as Supreme Commander of the United Earth Forces. Leonard had a strong dislike towards Robotechnology and advocated the development and use of Earth designed mecha and weapons independent of the technology gained from the crashed SDF-1 and the alien based protoculture.

His strong opposition towards Robotechnology and it's mecha would lead him to become a suspect in an investigation concerning a string of suspicious flight accidents involving the REF alpha fighter which claimed the life of pilot Amy Pollard. The accidents were later revealed to be deliberate acts of sabotage (subsequently dubbed the Gilles Crimes) that were being coordinated by one his former aides. Though Leonard was never formerly implicated, suspicion remained high that he had orchestrated the plan with the intent to discredit both the RDF and any mecha associated with it.

In 2029, having secretly been appraised of the imminent arrival of the Robotech Masters by Dr. Lazlo Zand, Leonard and forces loyal to him attempted a military coup of the United Earth Government. The coup was eventually halted when then-Minister of Terrestrial Defense Emerson discovered Leonard's knowledge of the Masters and threatened to reveal that he had deliberately concealed it from the senate. Aware that RDF and neutral elements of the military would unite against him if that occurred, Leonard grudgingly complied demanding as concessions that his title be changed to that of Supreme Commander and that Emerson agree to serve in the Army of the Southern Cross.

Second Robotech War

Primary continuity

Supreme Commander Leonard has the duty of protecting Earth's sovereignty from the technologically superior Robotech Masters. This means using attritional warfare most of the time, in an effort to wear down the Masters' dwindling supply of protoculture.

Ordered to step up assaults on the Robotech Masters by the Prime Minister of the United Earth Government (Wyatt Moran), Leonard develops several strategies to drive the invaders back from Earth orbit. It is when General Emerson is placed as the on-site commander of the forces at Moon Base Luna and ALuCE-1 (Advanced Lunar Chemical Engineering) base, done so by Leonard, that the tide begins to finally turn against the Masters.

In the final episode of The Robotech Masters story, the Robotech Masters manage to break through the defensive screen put up by the United Earth Forces (by this time including reinforcements from hyperspace). One of their ships targets the Earth forces' command center, killing General Leonard and those who did not evacuate.[22]

Secondary continuity

During the battle with the Robotech Masters, Supreme Commander Leonard's tactics proved to be wasteful in men and equipment as he stubbornly sent large groups to attack the Masters' flagships despite recommendations that additional intelligence be gathered first. Leonard would also not reveal that the aliens had in fact contacted him at one point during the war leading his staff to mistakenly believe that the Masters had never attempted communication with Earth forces. With a bigoted attitude towards aliens, he preferred to kill captured bioroid pilots rather than learn from them. Leonard frequently clashed with his more compassionate Chief of Staff Rolf Emerson who sought an attempt to pursue peaceful negotiations with the Robotech Masters first before resorting to hostility.

In the final battle, an attack force by the Masters targeted the Southern Cross Command towers in Monument City. Realizing defeat, Leonard was killed when he refused to evacuate with the rest of his aides.

The novelization and comic versions of Supreme Commander Leonard are substantially different from that of the character in the television series, the primary source of story continuity.[23] The Robotech television series portrayal of Leonard is in turn substantially different from the Claude Leon character inspiration in The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross.

Lazlo Zand

The unnamed scientist from "The Robotech Masters", who author Jack McKinney would repurpose as Lazlo Zand. Note the all-black eyes.

Dr. Lazlo Zand was an original character created by the author of the Robotech novel series, Jack McKinney, and based upon a nameless scientist who briefly appeared in "The Robotech Masters", the twenty-ninth episode of the Robotech television series. This scientist (identified only as "Researcher A" in the original Japanese Super Dimension Fortress Macross version of the cartoon) sported the same marble-like all-black eyes as Emil Lang, and so McKinney repurposed the character as a protégé of Lang's who had helped in developing many of the second generation Robotech mecha such as Alpha and Beta fighters and Hovertanks. The design of the two scientists' eyes originated simply as a quirk of Macross character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto's art, but McKinney gave Lang's eyes much greater significance in his Battlecry novelization when he explained them to be a result of exposure to Protoculture.

Zand as he appeared in Robotech II: The Sentinels - Wedding Special #2 (top), and his revised character design from Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles (bottom)

In addition to his appearance in "The Robotech Masters" (adapted within McKinney's June 1987 novel, "Doomsday"), several references are made to Zand in passing throughout the first six novels, including quotes from the character that were used in the books' fictitious epigraphs. He later rises to prominence in the three novels which adapted the Robotech Masters portion of the Robotech cartoon (Southern Cross, Metal Fire and The Final Nightmare, released in July, August and September 1987, respectively), featuring in new scenes that were not part of the cartoon episodes upon which the books are based. These novels reveal that, after endowing himself with similar Protoculture powers to Lang in 2013 and gaining similar all-black eyes, Zand became obsessed with Dana Sterling, the only child of a human/Zentraedi union at the time. Zand believed that she was a key to the shapings of Protoculture, and experimented on her when she was a baby until her guardian, Rolf Emerson, rescued her from his clutches. He then proceeded to guide events surrounding Dana up to and throughout the year 2029, the "present day" of the novels, and finally, attacks Dana with a life-energy draining device at the conclusion of The Final Nightmare. The device backfires, and Zand is inexplicably transformed into a giant Invid Flower of Life.

When adapting the storyline of the aborted animated sequel series, Robotech II: The Sentinels, into comic book form in 1988, creators Jason and John Waltrip included a brief appearance by Zand in the second issue of the Wedding Special mini-series. Zand bore little resemblance to the Macross character he had been based on, and further, contradicted the novels by lacking his black eyes. This would not be the only contradiction in Zand's timeline, however; in 1994, Jack McKinney released another novel, The Zentraedi Rebellion, which expanded on Zand's history, detailing the jealousy over Emil Lang's popularity that drove him to his actions, and the extent of his influence over Dana and her parents. This novel described how Zand did not give himself Protoculture powers until after he began experimenting on Dana (specifically, by injecting himself with a blend of her blood, Zentraedi blood and Invid nutrient solution), contradicting both the cartoon and previous novels, which had shown him with black eyes five years beforehand.

Following the reboot of the Robotech universe in the 21st century that relegated McKinney's novels and any and all Robotech comics to a position of "secondary" continuity, free to be overwritten by new media, Zand made a surprise return in the Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comic book mini-series, sporting another new look. Here, he is seen acting as scientific advisor to the rebellious T. R. Edwards, and is captured by the Robotech Expeditionary Force following Edwards's defeat. His death in McKinney's The Final Nightmare is alluded to, but no specific explanation is given for his return, save a comment by Rick Hunter that the reports were evidently "greatly exaggerated".

Bowie Grant

Bowie Grant is the gentle, the introspective son of Vince Grant and Jean Grant and nephew of the late Claudia Grant. He is a sensitive, soft-spoken youth, who has yet to find his place in the world. Like his childhood friend, Dana Sterling, his parents left him in the custody of his god-father, General Emerson, while they joined the forces of the SDF-3 on their sojourn to the stars. Bowie and Dana are like brother and sister. When Dana entered the service, Bowie tagged along and eventually became her aid in the 15th squadron. Bowie is a skilled fighter, although he has no love for war or even physical sport. His true interest is in music. Bowie is a gifted piano played and a fair singer. With this in mind, it seems no wonder that he finds himself attracted to the alien, Musica. A mutual attraction the causes both Bowie and Musica to desert their posts in an attempt to avoid the insanity of war.[24]

Nova Satori

Nova Satori
First appearance Episode 37 - "Dana's Story"[8]
Voiced by Edie Mirman

Nova Satori was adapted from Lana Isavia in The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross.

At 19 years old, Nova is the youngest military police officer in the Global Military Police (GMP). She is also the highest ranking female officer, and is the personal aide to Colonel Alan Fredricks.

By 2029, the GMP had considerable power and importance. Due to the feudal society that had evolved in the 15 years following the First Robotech War, the GMP constituted the only truly worldwide law-enforcement organization, and was a check and balance on those who had at their disposal the tremendous power of Robotechnology. As a result, the GMP was not merely a police force but also maintained its own war machinery, combat forces, and intelligence network. Nova, like others who sought a career in the GMP as a possible road to swift personal advancement, was forced to say farewell to all outside friendships due to the rigid doctrines that the GMP required.

Nova takes her duties very seriously and allows for no compromises regarding protocol and regulations. Her rivalry with 15th ATAC leader Lieutenant Dana Sterling can be viewed as a subtle game of "cat and mouse" or as a "fencing match". In the beginning of the series, Nova appears to be colder and less personable than TASC officer Marie Crystal. But as the story progresses, she is revealed to be even more of a romantic than Dana.

Initially, Nova repeatedly tries to root out possible traitors and spies from within Earth's military. But her interrogations of Zor Prime cause her to lose focus while reviewing several personnel files and negatively impact the record of TASC pilot Dennis Brown. When she apologizes to him, he surprisingly thanks her for helping him stay on Earth to keep an eye on an overzealous military leadership. The two later become romantically involved.

As the series progresses, Nova becomes frustrated at continually being outfoxed by Dana and the 15th ATAC squad. She tries to arrest Zor, lock up Bowie Grant, and capture Musica as a prisoner of war. However none of her plans come to fruition. Eventually, Nova's military training conflicts with her sense of justice, and she is forced to choose between her duty to the Southern Cross and her friendship with the 15th Squad. Realizing that the war has become one of survival and freedom from an overwhelmingly powerful enemy, Nova switches sides and joins the 15th in their mission to stop the Robotech Masters.

The Eternity and Academy comic book series Robotech: Invid War, has Nova acting as a liaison with various resistance groups during the Invid occupation. In the decanonized Jack McKinney novel "Rubicon" (book 17 of the Robotech series), all of the main characters who survived the Second Robotech War, except Nova Satori and Dennis Brown, acquire Jonathan Wolfe's ship, travel to Tirol, and meet up with the Robotech Expeditionary Forces in 2033, but there is no explanation of why Nova and Dennis were not with them.

The last page of the Jack McKinney Robotech Novel "Before the Invid Storm" (which is set during the period between the defeat of the Robotech Masters and the arrival of the Invid) also mentions Nova Satori and the Homunculi movement, although the novel gives no information on what this is or why. It also states that there is reason to believe that this Nova Satori is an imposter. The real Satori, however, was said to be secretly involved in the Reconstruction period following the Invid Invasion. In the Robotech Novel "The End of the Circle" (which is set after the Third Robotech War) there is a single mention of Nova Satori, who is apparently alive and serving as "the charismatic leader of the Homunculi Movement". However, since this book was actually written before "The Invid Storm", there is no mention of whether or not this is the real Satori or if she is an imposter.

With the redesignation of all non animated Robotech material to secondary continuity, her current status in the rebooted timeline, if still alive, is unknown. She is not mentioned at all in either Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles or Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

Marie Crystal

The third central female of the Southern Cross. Her rivalry with Dana can be viewed as a subtle game of "cat and mouse". In the beginning of the series, Marie appears to be colder and less personable than Dana. But as the story progresses, she is revealed to be even more of a romantic than Dana. Her military training eventually conflicts with her passionate emotions, and she is forced to choose between her duty to the Southern Cross, and her friendship with the 15th Squad. She slowly develops feelings for Shawn Phillips, and they later become romantically involved.

Scott Bernard


Corg was one of four known Invid Simulagents created in humanoid form by the Invid Regess. The human form was determined through Invid genetic experimentation in the Genesis Pits to be the most fit vessel on Earth. As the Crown Prince of the Invid Race, he and his sister Sera, shared command of Invid Legions, and they were both given Invid Commander mecha to fly in battle.

With Sera, he pursued Lieutenant Scott Bernard’s freedom fighters in many battles. Being now in a humanoid form, he was also exposed to human emotions. While his two other Invid Sisters, Ariel and Sera, felt love and compassion, he was filled with anger and hatred. He nearly laid waste to New York City after deciding to commit genocide of the humans inhabiting the battered city.

He was a skilled pilot, despite failing to defeat Scott Bernard's band of rebels. He participated in the defense of Reflex Point from the Robotech Expeditionary Force where he killed many human pilots. His hatred got the best of him and he was killed in battle by Lieutenant Commander Bernard in the assault of Reflex Point.[25] Corg's counterpart in Genesis Climber Mospeada was named Batra.[26]

Rook Bartley

Rook Bartley
First appearance Episode 62 - "The Lost City"[27]
Voiced by Susie London

Rook Bartley appears in the New Generation storyline.

As a young teenager, Rook was a member of the Blue Angels biker gang along with her boyfriend, Romy, and other juveniles. When Romy decided to break up the Blue Angels because of pressure from a rival gang, the Red Snakes, Rook tried to take on the Snakes alone and was beaten and left for dead. Because of this, Rook ran away from home, leaving her mother and sister behind. She later joined a band of freedom fighters led by Mars Division Lieutenant Scott Bernard.[28]

Rook is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant (as seen in the episode "Lonely Soldier Boy") taking on several thugs at one time.[29]

She is also an expert Cyclone Rider using VR-038 Bartley ("'38 Lite") cyclone. In the middle of the series Rook acquires a Red VFA-6Z Alpha Fighter & rides a VR-052 Battler Cyclone.

Over the course of the series she begins to develop feelings for Rand, but initially denies it. Toward the end of the series she admits her feelings to herself, and to Rand, and the two become a couple.[30][31] In the now de-canonized Robotech book "End of the Circle", it is revealed that Rook and Rand marry and have a daughter.

Lance Belmont

Lance Belmont
First appearance Episode 63 - "Lonely Soldier Boy"[29]
Voiced by Jimmy Flinders
Nicknames Yellow Dancer
Aliases Lancer

Lance "Lancer" Belmont (Also known as Yellow Belmont in Genesis Climber Mospeada)[26] appears in the third season of the anime series. He joined the fight with Scott Bernard and his group to battle the Invid. Lancer is voiced by Jimmy Flinders, who also provided the voice of Max Sterling.

Lt. Lance Belmont was a pilot that was a part of the first attack wing that attempted to liberate the Earth from the Invid launched by the 10th Mars Division of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) in 2038. He flew a non-transformable SA-8 Vampire but crash landed during the attack. The rest of the division was destroyed by the Invid forces. He was rescued by a young woman named Carla. To save Lancer from the townspeople who were assisting the Invid, Carla Morales disguised Lancer as a woman. Lancer took the name Yellow Dancer and passed himself off as a female singer, a role he originally created to avoid capture by the Invid. It was not until 2042 when Lt. Scott Bernard (of the 21st Mars Division), Rand and Annie arrived in the small town that "Yellow Dancer" was performing at that Lancer revealed that not only was she a he, but that he was a military trained special operative.

Lancer would stay with the group until the battle of Reflex Point.[25]

He fell in love with Sera, Princess of the Invid, and she with him. It was this relationship that largely led to Sera abandoning the genocidal tactics of her brother Corg and to her eventual break with the Regis. .[32]

The handsome youth is quick to make light of his peculiar situation. He's a good friend to have in times of trouble, a thoughtful advisor and a courageous, talented fighter. It's his ability to see beyond the obvious that helps bring about the tentative peace between the Invid and the humans at the end of the Third Robotech war. He falls for the invid princess, Sera, and helps her buy the Regess enough time to evacuate her people in the final assault.


The Jack McKinney novels give many more details of Lancer's training in preparation to become a female impersonator and guerrilla soldier. Some of this training included kabuki and budō. The End of the Circle also states that at some point in the years following the Third Robotech War, Lancer was killed in an accident while flying a relief mission. As the novels, like all non-animated Robotech stories are now considered secondary canon, Lancer's fate remains unknown in the current official Robotech time line.


Sera was one of four Invid Simulagents created in humanoid form by the Invid Regess. As the Crown Princess of the Invid Race, she and her brother Corg, shared command of Invid Legions, and they were both given Invid Commander mecha to fly in battle.[33]

With Corg, she fought Lieutenant Scott Bernard's freedom fighters. Being now in a humanoid form, she was also exposed to human emotions.[34]

Like her sister Ariel, she fell in love with one of the human resistance fighters named Lancer (aka Lance Belmont). Together, they convinced the Invid Regess that further war would bring the destruction of both races, ultimately siding with the humans. Thus, when the Invid Regess and the rest of the Invid transcended their corporeal forms and left the earth, both Sera and Ariel were left behind.[31]

No mention of Sera was made in the 2006 animated sequel Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Although, the first part of the film covers most of the same events of the last two episodes of the 1985 series, she was omitted along with all of the other supporting characters of the Mospeada/Robotech:New Generation segment.

Sera's counterpart in Genesis Climber Mospeada was named Sorji (ソルジ).


A Chilean young and impressionable freedom fighter, Rand is a self-taught survivor. He has managed to live off the land on his own and still avoid capture and slavery by the Invid. When he joins Scott Bernard, Rand begins a voyage of self-discovery. He becomes young Annie's protector. An orphan of the invasion himself, he understands Annie's situation from firsthand experience. Under Scott Bernard's guidance, Rand becomes an excellent combat soldier. When he falls in love with Rook Bartley, his commitment to her is total. His outgoing and affectionate nature is a perfect foil to Rook's independent nature.

Rand's counterpart in Genesis Climber Mospeada was named Ray.[26]

Annie "Mint" LaBelle

Annie is a free-spirited, talkative orphan looking to live life to its fullest. She is obsessed with finding herself a boyfriend, although has little luck with her outgoing ways. While not the most skilled of the freedom fighters, Annie provides the spirit and energy for the group. She is always willing to lend a hand, regardless of whether she actually can do the task. She is willing to take on the Invid single-handed, if that is what is required.[35]

Jim "Lunk" Austin

Jim Austin, more affectionately known as Lunk, is a biomaintenance engineer that returned from the expeditionary forces to fight off the Robotech Masters. While supporting a ground unit, he arrives in time to see his best friend (the only survivor of the unit) being hotly pursued by Invid. Jim loses his nerve and flees the scene leaving his friend to certain death. Jim is ashamed of his desertion and hides his past and assumes the nickname of Lunk.

When a local gang of bikers find out about his past, they begin terrorizing him and his friends. One day, while chasing Lunk and a friend, they cause him to crash. Lunk escapes, but his friend is not so lucky. While Lunk is about to run away again, Scott and Rook are ready and willing to go after the gang and rescue his friend. This reawakens Lunk's sense of duty, and he leads Scott to an old Alpha fighter he had been maintaining for years, just in case.

Lunk later attempts to complete his best friend's last request of returning a book to his father. When they reach the village where his friend's father lived, they find that the locals killed him when he tried to teach them that they could not fight the invid. As the series progresses Lunk slowly regains his self-esteem while he helps the group out and maintains their fighting mecha in optimal combat condition.

Lunk's counterpart in Genesis Climber Mospeada was named Jim Warston.[26]

The Invid

The Sentinels

This era starts by overlapping a portion of The Lost Generation. It continues parallel to The Second Generation, and interacts with the main storyline in The Third Generation by providing the forces of liberation. This era ends with the start of The Shadow Chronicles era.

Jonathan Wolfe

Colonel Jonathan Wolfe is a fictional character in the Robotech universe. Leader of a squadron dubbed The Wolf Pack, they were successful in annihilating many of the enemies encountered by Admiral Hunter's Robotech Defenders. Then the Wolfe Pack was sent to Earth, to do battle with the Robotech Masters. They survived the Invid attack, and have kept the hope of freedom lovers everywhere alive until Admiral Hunter returns. He had a memorable one-time appearance as a guest character in the 1985 series during the New Generation segment episode "Eulogy." He would have returned as a regular character in the aborted prequel series Robotech II: The Sentinels, which was later realized as a comic book series and a series of novels by Jack McKinney. In his animated appearances, including the produced Sentinels animation, Colonel Wolfe was voiced by Tom Wyner.[36]

T. R. Edwards

Jack Baker

Karen Penn

Karen Penn first appears in Robotech II: The Sentinels as a talented 17-year-old test pilot who is granted permission to join the REF on its mission the day before it is launched in 2022. In the Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comic series, which is set in 2043, (at which point she is approximately 40 years of age) she appears briefly as a bridge officer. In the 2006 film Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, which is set in 2044, she is now a senior REF officer in command of an Ikazuchi-class Carrier. It is unclear whether or not she survives the battle with the Haydonites at Space Station Liberty.

Emil Lang

Dr. Emil Lang was briefly seen in episodes 5 ("Transformation") and 6 ("Blitzkrieg") of the Macross Saga. He would have had a much larger role in the aborted sequel Robotech II: The Sentinels.[37][38]

The storyline for this series was later realized as a comic book and novel series. Dr. Lang was Earth's chief Robotechnician and has been with Earth Robotechnology development since it was first developed from the crashed SDF-1. It was through his efforts that the SDF-1 was built from the crashed alien ship. He also helped in development of the Veritech fighter. Among his other innovations were the pinpoint barrier system, omni-directional barrier, Cyclone Armor, and the Shadow Fighter.

During his animated appearances in Robotech and The Sentinels, Dr. Lang was voiced by Greg Snegoff.

After the end of the First Robotech War, Dr. Lang was made leader of the Robotech Expeditionary Force. He would join Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and the other heroes of the First Robotech War aboard the SDF-3. Dr. Lang was a popular and charismatic leader with the REF, a surrogate father figure to the young scientists and soldiers. He became close to cadet pilot Karen Penn, daughter of his friend and colleague, Harry Penn. Although Karen loved her father, she felt he was too overprotective. Despite Harry Penn's protests, Lang fully supported Karen's determination to be a Veritech pilot.

In addition to scientific research, Lang was also a shrewd politician and diplomat who served on the REF Plentipotentiary Council. Lang repeatedly demonstrated his ability to compromise and draw upon the strength of others as the key to diplomacy. He was instrumental in secretly foiling the plans of certain high ranking REF members who exploited their positions. In this, he was assisted by Janice Em. On the outside, she appeared an ordinary young lady gifted with a beautiful singing voice, but in actuality, she was an android that Lang built to act as a spy much like the Japanese kunoichi.

During the final phase of the Sentinel's campaign, Lang, Exedore, and Janice worked together to create Shadow Technology out of the notes left behind by the now renegade T. R. Edwards who had made significant breakthroughs using captured Invid technology.

As seen in the comic book miniseries Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, during the final phase of the Third Robotech War, Lang, Exedore, and Janice were in the process of testing the Neutron S missiles that Admiral Hunter ordered used against the Invid's Reflex Point on Earth. Not realizing the power of these weapons, a test firing of the missile released destructive energy that not only disabled SDF-3 but according to Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, killed all aboard science vessel Deukalion with the exception of Janice. Lang, who supervised the test aboard the SDF-3, later disappeared along with the rest of that ship's crew.

The original print run of the Prelude comic had truncated art that didn't clarify whether Lang was aboard SDF-3 or Deukalion, leading readers to guess that Lang was among those killed aboard Deukalion. The trade paperback reprint restored the art making it clear that he was aboard SDF-3. Deleted dialog (seen in the DVD extras) in the Shadow Chronicles film also places him aboard SDF-3 desperately attempting to reestablish contact with Janice.

Original Macross version

Haruhiko Mikimoto was the character designer for Macross, the Japanese animated series that was adapted as the first 36 episodes of Robotech. In the original Macross character designs, the unnamed chief engineer in two episodes (later redesignated Dr. Lang in Robotech) was one of several Macross background characters drawn simply with small black eyes. The Macross chief engineer is credited with the modular transformation and pin-point barrier system of the SDF-1 Macross, but none of the other innovations credited to Robotech's Lang. In the original Macross, the eyes had no special reason for their appearance and is simply attributed to one of the trademarks of Mikimoto's artistic style. Characters with similarly drawn eyes have appeared in other anime on which he worked.

Another unnamed character with these eyes appeared in a conference scene in Episode 29 and was seen having a friendly argument with Rick Hunter. This character was retroactively identified as Lazlo Zand in the Jack McKinney novelization.

The reason for the black eyes has been established in the Dark Horse comics as a side effect of exposure to Protoculture.

The Sentinels version

The Macross character design was modified in Robotech II: The Sentinels animation produced where, in his updated character design, he was given normal eyes. Comic books have off and on reverted to the black marble like eyes without explanation, usually depending on the artist drawing the issue. The Jack McKinney novels have explained it as an indication of Lang's affinity with the protoculture and its Shapings, an aftereffect of Lang's near electrocution during the initial exploratory expedition of the crashed SDF-1 where he tried to access the onboard alien computer. The Sentinels comic (which uses his Sentinels character design) did show one instance of Lang's eyes turning marble black and of him subduing someone with greater than normal physical strength.

Secondary Continuity

In the Comico graphic novel and Jack McKinney novelizations, Dr. Emil Lang is part of the initial team of explorers into the recently crashed alien spaceship. Lang attempts to access what he believes to be an alien computer located in Zor's private quarters. In the novelizations, he is nearly electrocuted by what may have been an anti tampering defense installed in the computer. Lang quickly recovers to discover that his eyes were turned all black. Later novels add to the effects of this encounter by stating that Lang's IQ was also increased. Lang additionally suggested that he was given an affinity with the "Shapings", a protoculture-guided cosmic force that he would frequently referred to in the novels.

The Eternity/Academy comic book series Robotech: Return to Macross introduces Lang's younger sister, Nina, who is a rock star. Nina is used by Anatole Leonard and his anti-Robotechnology group, The Faithful in an attempt to generate bad publicity for the Robotech research group by having her openly speak out against her brother's research. This plan is derailed as Roy Fokker rescues Nina from a kidnapping by Leonard's agents. Nina, additionally appears at a press conference fully supporting her brother's work. Nina later shows an interest in Brian Bernard, an old friend of Lang's. The comic series ended before this was expanded on and although it is not known if anything came out of it.

The Shadow Chronicles

This era starts with the Prelude comic book and merges The New Generation and The Sentinels eras back together into one.

Vince Grant

Vince Grant
Voiced by Richard Epcar
Notable relatives Jean Grant (wife)
Bowie Grant (Son)

Vince Grant appears in Robotech II: The Sentinels, Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Vince is voiced by Richard Epcar, who also provided the voices of Ben Dixon and Jim "Lunk" Austin in the original 1985 television series.

Vince is the brother of Claudia Grant, a bridge officer on the SDF-1. In October 2012, Vince's wife, Dr. Jean Grant, give birth to a son, who they name Bowie Grant. Born at nearly the same time as Dana Sterling, Bowie and Dana would become good friends and would later serve together in the 15th ATAC Squadron of the elite Army of the Southern Cross.

The Sentinels

Claudia dies at her post in January 2014 in the battle of New Marcoss City. Subsequently, Vince became very good friends with Rick Hunter, who also lost numerous friends in the battle. In December 2022, Vince and Jean leave earth about the SDF-1, the flagship of the newly created Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF). Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Bowie was unable to come with them and, like Dana, was left under the care of their godfather, General Rolf Emerson. Bowie was initially devastated at being left behind, and both Vince and Jean hoped the mission would be over quickly. However, the challenges soon faced by the REF would keep it away from earth for the rest of Bowie's childhood.

Vince and Jean continue to have prominent roles throughout the REF's 22-year mission. During Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, Vince has become a captain within the REF and remains a close and trusted friend of Rick Hunter. Following the attack against the SDF-3 by the renegade forces of T. R. Edwards and the Invid Regent's supercarrier, Vince and Jean are forced to tell Rick that his wife, Lisa Hayes has suffered a miscarriage, causing Rick to collapse in shock and sadness.

In early 2044, Vince takes command of the newly completed Tokogawa, a heavy cruiser built for the purpose of tracking down and stopping Edwards. Although the Tokogawa is lost in a subsequent battle with Edwards' forces, Vince and Rick are eventually able to track down and stop Edwards' plan to seize control of the remaining forces of the Invid Regent for his own use. However, like Rick, Vince thinks little of Edwards' warning that a new threat is about to emerge that will threaten the REF, Earth, and even the Invid.

The Shadow Chronicles

In July 2044, Vince is placed in command of the Icarus, one of the REF newly completed Shimakaze-class Battlecruisers. When the SDF-3 fails to return from a test-firing of a super-weapon known as the Neutron-S missile, Vince obtains permission from General Reinhardt to try and find the SDF-3. Upon arriving in the Omciron sector after a fold jump near a newly-created Black hole, Vince makes contact with the severely damaged SDF-3. Rick warns him that the Neutron-S missiles have a critical flaw (i.e. they create black holes) and that they cannot be used under any circumstances. After securing the disabled science vessel Deukalion, Vince attempts to take the SDF-3 into the Icarus fold sphere but an unknown ship attacks and rams the SDF-3, throwing it out of range. Vince is forced to activate the fold drive, leaving the SDF-3 behind.

When the Icarus returns to Earth, it comes under attack by several unknown fighters that were also transported by the ship's fold sphere. Scott Bernard, a resistance-fighter from Earth who was returning to Moon Base ALUCE in his veritech, is able to destroy both attackers, allowing the Icarus to land safely for repairs.

When Scott reveals that he has fallen in love with Ariel, the daughter of the Invid Regress but who has a human body, Vince and General Reinhardt are reluctant to believe his warning that a new threat is about to emerge. Both believe that the Invid are simply trying to drive a wedge between the REF and the Haydonites, the highly-advanced cybernetic race that provided the REF with much of its advanced technology.

When Space Station Liberty comes under attack, Vince takes the Icarus to investigate. Among his newly assigned crew are Scott Bernard, Janice-EM, a robot hybrid built from Human and haydonite technology (who serves as a go-between), Maia Sterling, Marcus Rush and Alex Romero of Skull Squadron, and Louie Nichols, a tech-genius who served with Dana and Bowie during the Second Robotech War. Upon arriving at Liberty, Vince realizes how serious the situation is: a large fleet of unknown vessels are attacking, and REF ships are being destroyed with just one hit. Louie, after analyzing the situation, informs Vince that the attackers appear to be exploiting hidden weaknesses in the REF's new technology. Ariel (who can teleport herself over vast distances) appears on the bridge and repeats her warning that they are the threat that seeks to destroy all those who use Protoculture. It then becomes apparent that the Haydonites themselves are the attackers. As more REF ships are destroyed due to weaknesses in their syncro-cannons and shadow devices, Grant slams his fist as he realizes that every piece of technology the Haydonites have given to the REF is equipped with some kind of Trojan horse.

Realizing the Icarus which is equipped with shadow technology, is no longer a viable ship, Grant orders it to dock at Space Station Liberty and evacuate all personnel to the massive colony ship Ark Angel, which has no shadow technology installed. Vince and Scott then ride through Liberty on Cyclones until they reach the remaining supply of Neutron-S missiles in storage on the station. After rigging them for detonation, Vince and Scott board the Ark Angel and slowly depart from the station, causing the haydonites vessels to move in to attempt to destroy it. At the last moment, the Ark Angel initiates a fold jump; the Neutron-S missiles then detonate, destroying Liberty and the entire Haydonite fleet.

Back at Moon Base ALUCE, Vince is ordered to take the Ark Angel and search for the SDF-3, which may not have been destroyed as initially thought. Like the others, Vince can only hope the SDF-3 has survived and that if it has, that the Ark Angel can reach it before the Haydonites.

Maia Sterling

Maia Sterling
Voiced by Edie Mirman
Species Human/Zentradi
Notable relatives Miriya Parina Sterling (Mother)
Max Sterling (Father)
Dana Sterling (Sister)

Maia Sterling appears briefly in the Wildstorm comic Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles and is a major character in the movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Maia may have appeared briefly in episode 60 of the original Robotech series, The Robotech Masters; the young girl who appears in Dana's dream calls herself "the other daughter of Max and Miriya", and while there was clearly no deeper meaning to this at the time, it follows that the Shadow Chronicles storyline intended to draw from it.

Maia is strict like her mother and yet witty like her father, and like her parents, marks her fighter with her own personal colors - in this case, a combination of the standard blue paint scheme, and her own personal pink. Her personal flight suit uses a similar color scheme.

Maia Sterling is voiced by Edie Mirman, who also provided the voices of Miriya Parina Sterling and Nova Satori in the original Robotech television series.

Lieutenant Commander Maia Sterling is a daughter of Max Sterling and Miriya Sterling, and is Dana Sterling's younger sister. Like her sister, Dana, she is half human and half Zentraedi. She has short, pink hair, and appears to have adopted the color for use on her equipment. Unlike Dana, who was born on Earth, Maia was born in space during the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) mission to find the Robotech Masters' homeworld of Tirol. Before the Battle of Reflex Point, Maia, like the other young members of the REF who were born in space, have never seen Earth. Maia's exact age is not stated but she was presumably born shortly after the REF departed from Earth in December 2022. Since the events of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles occur in July 2044, her age is estimated to be approximately 20.

Prelude to The Shadow Chronicles

In the Wildstorm comic Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, Maia is briefly seen towards the end of the last issue (Issue 5 of 5). On board Space Station Liberty, Maia discusses the upcoming offensive against the Invid with Commander Daryl Taylor of Wolf Squadron as well as Taylor's selection of pilots Alex Romero and Marcus Rush for his Squadron. As they are talking, Dana walks up to them. Maia simply says "Dana" and the two sisters look at each other intently for a moment before Dana walks off without saying a word, with a look of sadness on her face. Daryl states: "That was awkward Maia. She's still not talking, eh?" but Maia immediately changes the subject back to the upcoming offensive. It is clear there is tension between Maia and Dana, as judged by Dana's mostly non-verbal behavior but the reason for this tension is not known.[39] Fans have speculated that Dana is angry and resentful over the fact that while she was left behind on Earth by her parents, they then had another daughter and thus, in her mind, Dana feels that she had been "replaced" by Maia. Another reason that fans have suggested is that Miriya died while giving birth to Maia, which would also explain why there is no mention of Miriya in the comic.

The Shadow Chronicles

In Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Maia, like her parents and her sister, proves to be a skilled pilot and warrior. Shortly before the REF launch a full scale assault on Earth in 2044 to dislodge the Invid who have occupied the planet for 13 years, Maia is promoted to leader of the Skull Squadron, the same squad that her father led before being called by Rick Hunter to the SDF-3 to observe the test firing of a Neutron-S missile in the omicron sector.

During the battle of Reflex Point, Maia distinguishes herself by inflicting heavy losses on the Invid and saving the lives of a number of other pilots, including Marcus Rush and Alex Romero of Wolf Squadron. However, losses among the fighter squadrons are heavy, and among those killed is Daryl Taylor. Following the battle, General Reinhart decides to merge Wolf and Skull squadrons, which places both Marcus and Alex under her command.

Maia becomes annoyed after she overhears Marcus, who has lost both his sister and his commanding officer to the Invid, stating that all aliens should be wiped out. Maia tells him that she is half-alien and reminds him that if all aliens were wiped out, she would not have been able to save his life during the battle. Despite the awkward introduction, Marcus is clearly attracted to her, and the fact that Maia becomes visibly annoyed when Marcus is fascinated by the android, Janice Em, suggests that she is interested in him as well.

When the Haydonites, turn on the REF, Maia initially leads her squadron into battle, but is called back by Captain Vince Grant after it becomes clear that the technology the Haydonites gave to the REF, including the Syncro-Cannons equipped on their fighters, contain weaknesses that the Haydonites are exploiting. Unable to fight back, the squadron retreats but are pursued by Haydonite fighters. Alex Romero tries to engage them but his syncro-cannon, crippled by the Haydonite attack, malfunctions and his fighter becomes stalled. Despite the pleas of Maia and Marcus for Alex to eject, he flies into the enemy squadron as his fighter explodes, destroying himself and all of the enemy fighters. Maia is visibly upset by Alex's sacrifice while Marcus, who was Alex's best friend, is completely devastated.

After retreating to Space Station Liberty, Maia and her squadron acquire new super-shadow fighters which have not had shadow technology installed. Vince Grant orders Maia's and her squadron to hold the Haydonites long enough to evacuate Liberty's personnel to the massive colony ship Ark Angel and to prepare the Neutron-S warheads aboard Liberty for detonation. During the battle, Maia's fighter takes damage and she is forced to eject. Marcus grabs Maia's ejection pod and throws it towards the Ark Angel as it prepares to enter a spacefold. Marcus then launches a suicide run against the Haydonites to hold them off but just before the Neutron-S missiles detonate, Ariel uses her teleportation power to save him. Later on board the Ark Angel, Maia and Marcus console each other over the recent events. Marcus is despondent as he states that everyone he has been close to; his sister (Marlene Rush), his former commanding officer (Daryl Taylor) and his best friend (Alex Romero) have been taken by war. Maia is also despondent as she states that most of her family was aboard the SDF-3, which is lost in space and may have been destroyed (following the disastrous test firing of a Neutron-S missile in the Omicron sector.) Maia puts her head on Marcus' shoulder and the two look out a viewport as the Ark Angel flies over Earth's surface, which neither of them has seen until now.

Like the rest of the REF, Maia can only hope that the SDF-3 has survived, and that if it has, that the REF can reach it before the Haydonites do. The fate of the SDF-3 is left as an open plot thread which fans believe will be revealed in a future Robotech installment.

Continuity with original Robotech series

The other daughter of Max and Miriya was seen by Dana during a hallucinatory sequence in "Catastrophe", the final episode of the Robotech Masters segment (episode 60). This character gave rise to the Aurora Sterling character seen in the Jack McKinney novelization. Maia's characterization has nothing in common with Aurora as depicted in the novel and her hair is a different color. As the novels are secondary canon, one can reasonably expect that Maia replaces Aurora (who plays no functional role in the Sentinels saga except as a child of Max and Miriya) in that timeline.

Marlene Rush

Marlene Rush was an officer in the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) in the Third Generation of Robotech and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. She has one sibling, a younger brother, Marcus Rush.

Marlene Rush was Scott Bernard's girlfriend and he proposed to her before he went into battle. In 2042, both were part of the 21st Mars Division of the Robotech Expeditionary Force which launched an attack against the Invid that had invaded 11 years earlier. The attack proves disastrous, as the Invid's superior numbers overwhelm and destroy the entire division. As Marlene's ship attempt to enter Earth's atmosphere and land on the planet, it comes under Invid attack and is destroyed, killing everyone aboard. Scott Bernard, who manages to land his veritech fighter on Earth, is devastated and is haunted by visions of Marlene. Before Marlene died, she gave a gift to Scott, a pendent that is able to show a hologram of herself, which Scott keeps with him as he joins a resistance movement against the Invid.[40]

Marcus Rush, who later becomes a pilot in the REF has his own pendent which is able to show a hologram of her and Scott Bernard together. Marcus carries this pendant with him all the time, and places a mark on it for each of Invid that he kills in battle. Her death results in him harboring a deep hatred of the Invid. At the end of The Shadow Chronicles, Marlene briefly appears to Marcus in a vision from beyond the grave to tell him that he must go on living, but that she will always be with him.

Marcus Rush

Marcus Rush appears briefly in the last issue of Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles and becomes a major character in the movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles as one of the main protagonists.

Marcus Rush is the younger brother of Marlene Rush. Like his sister, Marcus was born in deep space during the 22 year mission of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) and has only seen Earth from space. Marcus carries a strong hatred of the Invid with him, stemming from the fact that his sister, Marlene, was killed during the failed assault by the 21st Mars Division against the Invid on Earth in 2042. After his sister's death, Marcus becomes a veritech fighter pilot to help continue the REF's mission to stop the Invid and free Earth from its occupation.

In Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Marcus serves in Wolf Squadron during the Battle of Reflex Point in 2044. The battle is the final attempt by the REF to dislodge the Invid from Earth. During the battle Marcus is cornered by Invid fighters but is saved by Maia Sterling. However, the death of Commander Daryl Taylor during the battle and the heavy losses sustained by the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) during the battle, results in the merging of Wolf and Skull squadrons, which places Marcus and Alex under Maia' command. Later, as Marcus tells Alex that all aliens should be wiped out, Maia, who has overheard his remark, walks up to them. She tells them that she is half-alien (Maia's mother Miriya Parina Sterling, is Zentraedi) and that if all aliens were wiped out, she would not have been able to save his life. Marcus, who is attracted to Maia, tries to apologize in a bumbled manner. Maia, although not angry, simply warns both of them that she does not take lip from men under her command. Marcus now believes that his chances with Maia are sunk, although later, Maia becomes visibly annoyed when Marcus is fascinated by the android, Janice Em, which suggests that she is interested in him as well.

Scott Bernard, who was Marlene's fiancé, survived the assault in 2042 and formed his own resistance movement on Earth and arrives at Moon Base ALUCE following the battle of Reflex Point to meet up with the REF. Marcus recognizes Scott and is overjoyed to see he is alive. However, his joy at seeing Scott again is immediately tempered when Scott confirms that Marlene did not survive. Later in the mess hall, Marcus explains his hatred of the Invid to Scott and shows him the hologram pendent left to him by Marlene. He states that he uses the pendent to keep a running tally of the Invid that he's killed, placing a mark on the pendent for each kill. Scott, who unbeknownst to Marcus, has fallen in love with Ariel, the humanoid daughter of the Invid Regess, is visibly upset with Marcus' consuming hatred.

Ariel teleports to Moon Base ALUCE to warn Scott of a new threat to humanity, but they are interrupted when Marcus and Alex enter the room. Marcus, upon realizing that Ariel is an Invid (after she teleports out of the room), is furious when Scott reveals that he is in love with her. Marcus attacks Scott and probably would have seriously injured or killed him if Alex had not intervened. Scott tries to explain that Ariel choose to stay behind with him and that she is not the enemy but rather that she is trying to warn the REF that a new threat, "The Children of the Shadow", is about to manifest itself. However, Marcus refuses to believe him and maintains that all Invid are evil and must be destroyed.

When the Haydonites, who are later revealed to be the threat that Ariel warned of, turn on the REF, Skull Squadron is ordered to head to Liberty, and change to fighters that do not incorporate Haydonite technology but are pursued by Haydonite fighters. Alex Romero tries to engage them but his syncro-cannon, crippled by the Haydonite attack, malfunctions and his fighter becomes stalled. Despite the pleas of Maia and Marcus for Alex to eject, he flies into the enemy squadron as his fighter explodes, destroying himself and all of the enemy fighters. Maia is visibly upset by Alex's sacrifice while Marcus, who was Alex's best friend, is completely devastated. After arriving at Space Station Liberty, Skull Squadron acquires Super-Shadow fighters that have not had any Shadow technology installed yet. The squad immediately engages the Haydonites in hopes of holding them off long enough for Liberty's personnel to be evacuated to the colony ship Ark Angel and for Vince Grant and Scott Bernard to rig the remaining Neutron-S missiles on Liberty for detonation.

During the battle, Maia's fighter is damaged and she is forced to eject. Marcus uses his fighters' robotic arms to grab Maia's capsule and throw it towards the Ark Angel as it prepares to fold jump. Marcus, deciding he has nothing left to live for, holds down his weapon triggers and launches a suicide run against the Haydonites to hold them off long enough for the Ark Angel to activate its fold drive to escape. As the Neutron-S missiles detonate, Marcus comments that the light is so beautiful. In a vision, Marcus sees his sister Marlene, who tells him that it is not his time to die but that she will always be with him. Marcus pleads for her not to go but then awakens on board the Ark Angel as it travels through its fold jump, with Ariel (an Invid princess) kneeling by his side. Ariel reveals that she used her teleportation ability to save his life. Marcus, surprised to be alive, almost angrily asks Ariel why she saved his life as he tells her "You know I hate the Invid." Ariel, in a calm voice, responds that "hatred can only breed more hatred. It is not what we seek... any of us" and Marcus is left at a loss for words. Later, Scott tells Ariel that Marcus owes her his life, to which Ariel responds: "Perhaps now it will make him value the lives of others."

As the Ark Angel approaches the newly liberated Earth, Maia thanks Marcus for saving her life. Marcus remains despondent over the fact that everyone he has loved or befriended - his sister (Marlene Rush), his former commanding officer (Daryl Taylor), and his best friend (Alex Romero) - have been taken by war. Maia, who is also despondent as her family was aboard the SDF-3 (which is lost in space), puts her head on his shoulder. As the movie ends, the two look out a window as the Ark Angel flies over Earth's surface, which neither of them has seen until now.


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