Liquid Sound Design

Liquid Sound Design

Liquid Sound Design, also known as L.S.D and more recently re-branded as Liquid Sound, is a chill-out/downtempo focused record label created by Martin Glover. It is a sublabel of Dragonfly Records. Launched in 1998 to provide an outlet for the down-tempo music being produced by an increasing number of artists associated with the psychedelic trance scene, the label soon became known as one of the leading lights in the psychedelic chill-out genre incorporating elements of many world-influenced styles and electronica.

The label has released albums from single artist or groups as well as several compilations. Featured artists include Youth (Martin Glover), The Orb and Alex Paterson, Greg Hunter (appearing under many guises and collaborations including Dub Trees with Youth), and Simon Posford.

The Celtic Cross album produced by Youth and Simon Posford was arguably the release that launched the label to global acclaim as Simon Posford already commanded a strong fan-base through his work as Hallucinogen and Shpongle. However a parting of ways from his former mentor, Youth, saw the an early end to the Celtic Cross collaboration.

In 2000 Youth was invited to play at the first Breathing Space festival - a small invitational outdoor free-party held in the forests of Norfolk. It was here that he met Humphrey Bacchus (a Breathing Space Co-founder) and a highly creative union was achieved as Humphrey joined Liquid Sound Design for several years. During this time the label continued to release highly acclaimed compilations (e.g. Mana Medicine, Elucidations, Butterfly Dawn, Wider Horizons) and albums from The Kumba Mela Experiment and Abakus.

Following Humphrey's departure from the label, DJ Pathaan took the helm and the label restyled itself as Liquid Sound. It continues to release distinctive material and organize live performances and DJ sets, though has never been prolific in either quantity of material released nor sales volume.

Since the outset, the label has maintained close ties with Dakini Records of Japan and Interchill Records of Canada, often resulting in the release of albums under more than one of the above labels.

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