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origin = works by Agosti Xaho
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Aitor is a Basque masculine given name, created by Agosti Xaho for a Basque ancestral patriarch descending from the Biblical Tubal in his work "The Legend of Aitor" (published in French in the journal "Ariel", 1845).
Luis Mitxelena believes that Xaho created it from the Souletin Basque expression "aitoren semeak" or "aitonen semeak" ("gentry", literally "sons of good fathers" interpreted as "sons of Aitor", "aita" meaning "father" and "on" meaning "good" [cite web |url= |title=View Name: Aitor | |accessdate=2007-12-20] [ Aitor] in the Spanish-language Auñamendi Encyclopedia.] )After Xaho, it was popularized by the Spanish-language novel "Amaya o los vascos en el siglo VIII".Nowadays it is a common Basque among Basque males.

People with the name Aitor include:

* Aitor Beguiristáin
* Aitor Galdós
* Aitor González
* Aitor Hernández
* Aitor Karanka
* Aitor López Rekarte
* Aitor Ocio
* Aitor Osa
* Aitor Pérez
* Aitor Porres
* Aitor Ramos
* Aitor Tornavaca Fernández


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