Future Interstate Highways

Future Interstate Highways

The United States' Interstate Highway System is still being expanded. Various plans have been proposed. This does not include the numerous auxiliary interstate highways that are in various stages of planning and construction; for those, see List of future auxiliary Interstate Highways.

Congressionally-designated future Interstates

Several Congressional High Priority Corridors have been designated as "future parts of the Interstate System" by the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act and amendments. By law, they will become interstates when built to interstate standards and connected to other interstates. [ [http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d104:s.00440: S.440] ] [Federal Highway Administration, [http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/hep10/nhs/hipricorridors/hpcfitext.htm Future Interstates on the National Highway System Designated by Section 1105 of ISTEA as amended] , May 2, 2006]

Interstate 22

Interstate 22 is the new number for current US 78 between Memphis, Tennessee, and Birmingham, Alabama. Most of the freeway has been built. Signage has been installed designating it as a future interstate as of|2005|lc=on, and completion is expected by 2011,update after|2011|1|1 with the final interchange being built with the highways I-65 and US 31 in Birmingham by 2012.update after|2012|1|1 It is expected to be the largest and most expensive interchange in Alabama history with over 14 different bridges. When complete, Birmingham will be the only city in the Southern United States designated as a control city for four interstate routes (20, 22, 59 and 65). Memphis will get its fourth when I-69 is complete.

Interstate 41

The Interstate 41 designation is being considered for assignment to the present U.S. Route 41 (and a portion of U.S. Route 45) between Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wisconsin; the route parallels the west shore of Lake Winnebago and the west bank of the Fox River, as part of the 2005 highway funding bill (). [http://www.postcrescent.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=200661217022 Ben Jones. "‘Interstate 41’ on near horizon"] Frontpage of December 18 2006 Appleton Post Crescent, accessed December 19 2006]

Wisconsin Department of Transportation officials are studying what improvements need to be made to U.S. Route 41 as it is being prepared for Interstate status. Necessary upgrades must be made before any signage changes can happen, but the entire length from Milwaukee to Green Bay is expected to become Interstate 41. It is unknown whether the U.S. Route 41 shields will remain when I-41 signs are tentatively scheduled to go up in 2009. When complete, this will be only the second Interstate number to overlap its U.S. Route counterpart. The other is Interstate 74 and U.S. Route 74 in North Carolina.

The proposed I-41 would parallel Interstate 43, which runs north-south along Lake Michigan from Milwaukee to Green Bay, where the two interstates would meet. No Milwaukee terminus has been determined, though the I-41 designation may follow the U.S. Route 45 freeway to the Zoo Interchange junction with Interstate 94 and Interstate 894. I-41 would become the fourth interstate to run through Milwaukee, including I-794.

Interstate 7 or 9

Interstate 7 or Interstate 9 has been proposed by Caltrans for State Route 99 in central California. It will go from the split with I-5 at Wheeler Ridge north through Fresno to Stockton, where the proposed route turns west via the State Route 4 freeway to a terminus at I-5 in the central part of that city. Another proposed terminus is at the Interstate 5/US 50/Capital City Freeway junction in Sacramento, where the future interstate can connect with I-5, which travels north to the city of Redding, serving also as a connector to the existing Highway 99 to the north. Its future development is tied to the Caltrans "Route 99 Corridor Enhancement Master Plan", which outlines improvements to that route, including capacity and physical improvements; this document posits that when and if Interstate status is conferred, the route will be designated I-7 or I-9. [ [http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist6/99masterplan/index.html CA DOT Route 99 Enhancement Plan] , PDFlink| [http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist6/99masterplan/docs/chapter3.pdf Chapter 3] |2.54 MiB : "Interstate designation, under the current proposal, would apply to the convert|260|mi|km|sing=on segment between the junction of State Route 99 with I-5 south of Bakersfield to I-5 in Stockton using State Route 4 as the connector to I-5. Since there is an I-99 route currently in existence in Pennsylvania, it is anticipated that should designation be granted, the Route 99 designation would become I-7 or I-9 to satisfy Interstate numbering convention."] In August 2005, with the passage of that year's SAFETEA-LU federal transportation legislation, SR 99 from Wheeler Ridge to Stockton and beyond to Sacramento was designated as High Priority Corridor 54, the "California Farm-to-Market Corridor". [http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=109_cong_bills&docid=f:h3enr.txt Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users] ]


*Interstate 49 extensions from Shreveport, LA, to Kansas City, MO; and Lafayette, LA to New Orleans, LA
*Interstate 66 through southern Kentucky
*Interstate 69 extension from Indianapolis, IN, to several points in Texas (partially complete)
*Interstates 73 and 74 from Myrtle Beach, SC, to Portsmouth, OH (partially complete)
*Interstate 86 from east of Erie to Harriman, NY (partially complete)
*Interstate 99 from Bedford, PA, to Corning, NY and Bedford, PA to Cumberland, MD (partially complete)
*Interstate 376 extension from Pittsburgh, PA, to Sharon, PA
*Interstate 785 from Greensboro, NC, to Danville, VA
*Appalachian Corridor V from Batesville, MS, to Fulton, MS

Other proposals

Interstate 3

The 3rd Infantry Division Highway was proposed in the 2005 highway funding bill () to run from Savannah, Georgia, north via Augusta, to Knoxville, Tennessee. Although the corridor has not been designated by law or any official body as a proposed Interstate, Interstate 3 is its popular name.Federal Highway Administration, [http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/planning/sec1927corridors.htm 14th Amendment Highway Corridor and 3rd Infantry Division Highway Corridor (a.k.a. "I-14" and "I-3")] , October 30, 2006] This number does not fit into the Interstate Highway numbering system, but matches the name chosen to honor the US Army Third Infantry Division. The proposed highway faces local opposition from groups like [http://www.stopi3.org/ Stop I-3] .

Interstate 14

The 14th Amendment Highway was proposed in the 2005 highway funding bill () to run from Augusta, Georgia, west to Natchez, Mississippi. Although the corridor has not been designated by law or any official body as a proposed Interstate, Interstate 14 is its popular name.Federal Highway Administration, [http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/planning/sec1927corridors.htm 14th Amendment Highway Corridor and 3rd Infantry Division Highway Corridor (a.k.a. "I-14" and "I-3")] , October 30, 2006] This number fits into the Interstate Highway numbering system, and matches the name chosen to honor the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Interstate 67

Interstate 67 is a proposed number for at least two highways.

The first proposal would be an upgrade of US 31 in Indiana between Indianapolis and South Bend, continuing northward via the US 31 freeway north to Benton Harbor, Michigan, and going northward from there along existing Interstate 196. The Indiana Senate unanimously passed a resolution calling for federal funding for this proposal. [" [http://www.in.gov/s11/3-25-03.htm Zakas' Resolution Passes Senate Unanimously; Bill supports efforts of Indiana Congressional Delegation to seek federal funding for U.S. 31 freeway project] " (press release). State of Indiana, Senate District 11, 2003-03-25.] Meanwhile Indiana is expediting the upgrade of US-31 between Indianapolis and South Bend using funds received through the 2006 Major Moves deal. Such a proposal would put I-67 in the proper place in the grid (it is the only number available for that route). This number in fact was officially proposed by the Michigan State Highway Department, but denied by AASHO, to follow what became Interstate 196 in 1963 as part of the switch with Interstate 96 west of their junction near Grand Rapids. ["I-96 & I-196 designations to shift," "Grand Rapids Press", May 1, 1963 [http://groups.google.com/group/misc.transport.road/browse_frm/thread/31fa218bec64d954 Usenet: c8m49t$4sa$1@msunews.cl.msu.edu ] .]

The second proposal would be for an upgrade of U.S. Route 219 from Bluefield, West Virginia to Buffalo. [ [http://www.aaroads.com/high-priority/corr21.html High Priority Corridors @ AARoads:U.S. 219 (Corridor 21)] ] The highway would have intersections with the mainline Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76/I-70) in Somerset, Pennsylvania and I-80 in Falls Creek, Pennsylvania. The proposed highway would also give the cities of Johnstown and Bradford Interstate access. The I-67 designation, though, would not fit in the grid and ironically the proposed highway is located not far from the controversial Interstate 99, whose designation was written into law instead of being assigned by the AASHTO. The two highways, though, would give Central Pennsylvania much-needed north-south Interstate corridors (I-99 is expected to run from Cumberland, Maryland to Corning, New York when completed.) in between Interstate 79 to the west and Interstate 81 to the east.

Interstate 67 was also the designation given to a never-built highway connecting Elkhart, Indiana, and Kalamazoo, Michigan, in the original Interstate numbering plan. [" [http://www.roadfan.com/5758int.html Official Route Numbering for the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways] " (map), AASHO (base map by Public Roads Administration), 1957-08-14.] A planning map shows a freeway along this routing intersecting the Indiana Toll Road just west of the State Road 19 interchange. [cite web |url=http://indianainterstates.homestead.com/fai9_57.html |title=FAI9 1957 |accessdate=2008-05-07 |accessmonthday= |accessdaymonth= |accessyear= |author= |last= |first= |authorlink= |coauthors= |date= |year= |month= |format= |work=Indiana Interstates: 1957 Interstate Highway System |publisher= |pages= |language= |doi= |archiveurl=http://web.archive.org/web/20020623103340/http://indianainterstates.homestead.com/fai9_57.html |archivedate=2002-06-23 |quote= ]


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* [http://www.interstate-guide.com/future.html Future Interstates and Potential Interstate Corridors at Interstate-Guide.com]

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