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The Parvoviridae family includes the smallest known viruses, and some of the most environmentally resistant. They were discovered during the 1960s and affect vertebrates and insects. Parvoviridae have a genome consisting of single-stranded DNA and an icosahedral capsid.

Parvovirus B19 was the first human parvovirus to be discovered and is best known for causing a childhood exanthem called "fifth disease" (erythema infectiosum), although it is also associated with other diseases including arthritis.

Parvovirus RA-1 had originally also been associated with rheumatoid arthritis, but this is now thought to have been an error due to laboratory contamination.

The following genera are included here:

Subfamily Parvovirinae
*Genus "Parvovirus"; type species: Murine minute virus
*Genus "Erythrovirus"; type species: B19 virus
*Genus "Dependovirus"; type species: Adeno-associated virus 2
*Genus "Amdovirus"; type species: Aleutian mink disease virus
*Genus "Bocavirus"; type species: Bovine parvovirusSubfamily Densovirinae
*Genus "Densovirus"; type species: "Junonia coenia" densovirus
*Genus "Iteravirus"; type species: "Bombyx mori" densovirus
*Genus "Brevidensovirus"; type species: "Aedes aegypti" densovirus
*Genus "Pefudensovirus"; type species: "Periplanta fuliginosa" densovirus

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