In the fictional world of , Skystriker refers to two things: a jet fighter and a character.

The "Skystriker XP-14F" is a variable wing fighter aircraft that first appeared in the 1983 edition of the hit cartoon series and toyline. It was actually a version of the Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat. This jet fighter is frequently piloted by the G.I. Joe member code named "Ace". Its first comic book appearance was in issue #14 of the G.I. Joe comic published by Marvel Comics and appeared in every issue featuring a dogfight. Its final appearance was in issue #115 after which Ace has traded it for the newer more sophisticated Ghoststriker X-16 (which is actually an F-16 Fighting Falcon). In the , it was used by every qualified Joe member until it was replaced by the Conquest X-30 in 1986.


"Skystriker" is also a code name used by a member of the G.I. Joe team. He is a member of the special G.I. Joe group, "Tiger Force" and serves as the jet fighter pilot tasked with operating the Tiger Rat, a G.I. Joe assault plane. He first appeared in the 1988 edition of the toyline but never appeared in other media featuring G.I. Joe.

His real name is Alexander P. Russo. He was born in Providence, Rhode Island and grew up around planes on a military base. He is noted for destroying more than fifteen Cobra planes during attacks on Cobra Island.

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