Ashema the Listener

Ashema the Listener


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In the fictional Marvel Comics' universe, Ashema the Listener is a member of the cosmically powerful Celestials.

Fictional character biography

Ashema took human form while on a mission with Nezarr the Calculator. The two were to sent to retrieve the ultra-powerful son of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards. They were to evaluate him as a new member of the Celestial host, and destroy the Earth left behind, as it had served its purpose by producing a being on par with themselves.

Ashema, appearing to Franklin as a young black woman in a green overcoat, became embroiled in the comics crossover event called "Heroes Return". After losing his family to the creature known as Onslaught, Franklin had unwittingly created an alternate universe where they, and other heroes lost to Onslaught, lived on.

Ashema decided that Franklin needed to choose one earth to be destroyed. However Franklin taught Ashema the ability to feel human empathy, and cause her to change her mind about him and humanity. She eventually defies her brethren, and saves Franklin's Counter Earth by storing it inside of her dreams.

However "The Dreaming Celestial", a renegade, extended its influence to the Counter Earth, and began corrupting it and Ashema. Ashema retaliated, but fell under the control of the Dreaming Celestial. She was saved by the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom, and helped recapture the Dreaming Celestial. It is presumed that she left Earth to rejoin the other Celestials, as she has not been seen since.

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