Celtic cross stitch

Celtic cross stitch

:"This article is about an ancient embroidery style called Celtic cross stitch. More specific crossed stitches styles and patterns used in the embroidery needlework can be found here, see" cross stitches and cross stitch

Celtic cross stitch embroidery is a common form of cross stitch. Celtic cross stitch typically employs rich, deep colors, intricate geometrical patterns, spirals, interlacing patterns, knot works, alphabets, animal forms and zoomorphic patterns.


Celtic cross stitch patterns originate in the artwork of the ancient Celts. Celtic cross stitch embroideries are very much part of the heritage found in Scotland, Isle of Man and Ireland. These cross stitch patterns are used to decorate everyday items, such as cushion covers, wall tapestries and decorations, tea cozies, eyeglass covers and clothing.


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