Trace Memory (Torchwood)

Trace Memory (Torchwood)

title=Trace Memory
featuring=Jack Harkness Gwen Cooper Owen Harper Toshiko Sato Ianto Jones

writer=David Llewellyn
publisher=BBC Books
isbn= ISBN 978-1-846-07438-8
set_between="Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" and "Reset"
date=6 March 2008
preceding="Something in the Water"
following="The Twilight Streets"|

"Trace Memory" is a BBC Books original novel written by David Llewellyn and based on the British science fiction television, "Doctor Who" spin-off series "Torchwood". It features all the regular cast of the show. It was published on 6 March 2008. [cite web
title=Torchwood: Trace Memory
publisher=Random House

Plot introduction

After a mysterious crate destined for Torchwood explodes on the docks at Tiger Bay in 1953, young docker Michael Bellini is sent bouncing randomly through time and space. In different years and places he meets the members of the current Torchwood team.


*The events of "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances", "The Curse of Fenric", "Tooth and Claw", "To the Last Man", "The Unquiet Dead" and the fairies that feature in "Small Worlds" are all referenced by Hugo Faulkner.
*The explorer who discovers the "Vondraxian Orb" is referred to as "Nelson-Stanley", who may be Edgar Nelson-Stanley, the husband of the "The Sarah Jane Adventures" character Bea Nelson-Stanley who appears in the serial, "Eye of the Gorgon".


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