SKILCRAFT® is a trade name of the National Industries for the Blind, an organization created by the Wagner-O'Day Act of 1938 to create employment opportunities for blind Americans. Products bearing the SKILCRAFT® brand are commonly used in U.S. Federal Government institutions, including The United States Postal Service. They are also commonly sold in U.S. Military Base exchanges.

Legislative Background

In 1938 President Roosevelt signed the Wagner-O'Day Act which directed the government to purchase products manufactured by blind Americans. In 1971, Senator Jacob Javits introduced legislation extending the act to severely handicapped individuals. Today known as the Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act, this legislation is implemented by The Committee for Purchase from People who are Blind or Severely Disabled, an independent Federal agency. The Committee for Purchase has designated the National Industries for the Blind (NIB) and NISH to be the two central, nonprofit organizations which coordinate government acquisitions from hundreds of independent organizations for the blind and severely handicapped.


The SKILCRAFT® trade name was introduced in 1952 to emphasize exceptional quality. SKILCRAFT® focuses on providing expendable property to the government. The first products manufactured under the program were mops and brooms for cleaning government offices. Later, pens and office supplies were introduced. Today the SKILCRAFT® name encompasses over 3,000 products including office supplies, janitorial equipment, uniforms, and hospital supplies. SKILCRAFT® also provides services, such as call centers, on a contract basis to government agencies.

Employing the Blind

The SKILCRAFT® trade helps employ more than 5,000 blind Americans working for local agencies in 44 states.

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