Rosie (given name)

Rosie (given name)

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meaning = "rose"
region = British Isles
origin = Latin
related names = Rose
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Rosie is a feminine given name of British origin. [cite web |url= |title=Rosie | |accessdate=2007-11-30] It is a diminutive form of the English language given name Rose, Latin origin. [cite web |url= |title=Rose | |accessdate=2007-11-30] It's a diminutive in other languages as well: "Rosa" becomes "Rosita" in Spanish, and "Ruza" becomes "Ruzitsa" in Slavic languages. Rosie is a nickname for variations of "Rose" such as "Rosalie", "Rosemarie", "Rosemary", "Roseanne", "Rosibel", "Rosalyn", and others.

Historically, Rosie has been a reasonably popular given name for infants in England and Wales during the early 21st century, [cite web |url=
title=Top 100 names for baby girls in England and Wales | |accessdate=2007-12-14
] as it was in Victorian times. It continues to be popular in Scotland, as well. However, it's been rare as a given name for newborns in the United States since the 1980s. [cite web |url= |title=Popular Baby Names Updated May 11, 2007 | |accessdate=2007-12-14]

The given name Rosie may refer to people such as:

;Arts and entertainment
* Roseanne Barr (b. 1952), aka "Rosie", American comedian
* Rosie Beaton (b. ?), Australian radio announcer
* Rosie Cavaliero (b. 197?), British actress
* Rosie Flores (b. 1950), Mexican-American musician
* Rosie Gaines (b. ?), American vocalist, musician, singer-songwriter, and producer
* Rosie Ledet (b. 1971), American, Creole Zydeco accordion player and singer
* Rosie Malek-Yonan (b. ?), Assyrian actress, artist, director, author and activist
* Rosie Marcel (b. 1977), English actress
* Rosie Martin (b. 1963), Canadian musician
* Rosie Munter (b. 1987), Swedish, member pop group Play
* Rosie Nix Adams (1958 - 2003), American singer-songwriter
* Rosie Oddie (b. 1985), British singer-songwriter
* Rosie O'Donnell (b. 1962), American comedian and talk show hostess
* Rosie Perez (b. 1964), American actress
* Rosie Ribbons (b. 1983), Australian singer
* Rosie Smith (b. 1984), English musician
* Rosie Tenison (b. 1968), American actress and model
* Rosie Thomas (b. ?), American singer and songwriter
* Rosie Tran (b. 1984), American actress, writer, and stand up comedian
* Rosie Wilby (b. ?), British comedian

* Rosie Boycott (b. 1951), British journalist
* Rosie Scott, New Zealand author
* Rosie Thomas (writer), author
* Rosie Waldeck (1898 – 1982), American author
* Rosie Cotton, Samwise Gamgee's wife from The Lord of the Rings

* Rosie Cooper (b. 1950), British politician
* Rosie Douglas (1941 – 2000), Dominican politician
* Rosie Kane, Scottish politician
* Rosie Méndez (b. 1963), American politician
* Rosie Winterton (b. 1958), British politician

* Rosie Bonds (b. 1944), American hurdler
* Rosie Jones (b. 1959), American professional golfer
* Rosie Ruiz, Cuban-American runner
* Rosie Swale-Pope (b. 1946), British woman attempting to run around the world

;Other fields
* Rosie Barnes (b. 1946), British charity organiser and former politician
* Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (b. 1987), British supermodel
* Rosie Reid (b. ?), English, student from the University of Bristol who sold her virginity online in 2004 to the highest bidder
* Rosie Stancer, English polar explorer


Rosie Kaefinger

ee also

* Rosie, disambiguation page
* Rose (name)
* Rosey

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