Sea lion (disambiguation)

Sea lion (disambiguation)

Sea lion may refer to:

In biology:
*Sea Lion, an animal generally found in shallow waters.

In music:
*"Sea Lion" (album), the second studio album by New Zealand based indie rock band The Ruby Suns
*Sea Lion Woman (also known as "Sea-line Woman" and other similar titles), a traditional southern U.S. folk rhyme originally field recorded in 1939 and sung by Christine and Katherine Shipp, adapted and recorded as "See Line Woman" by Nina Simone (in her 1964 album "Broadway-Blues-Ballads"), also adapted and recorded by Ollabelle in their 2006 album "Riverside Battle Songs" and by Feist (in her 2007 "The Reminder" album)
*"Sealion", a song by Jethro Tull from their 1974 album "War Child (album)"

*Operation Sealion, the planned German invasion of Great Britain during World War II
*Sea Lion, in heraldry, a monster consisting of the head and front limbs of a lion with the tail of a fish
*Sea Lion, the pseudonym for fiction of the naval author Geoffrey Bennett
*Sea Lion, marine version of Napier Lion aero engine

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