List of Saint Petersburg State University people

List of Saint Petersburg State University people

The following is a list of notable alumni and faculty of Saint Petersburg State University in Russia.


Nobel laureates

*Leonid Kantorovich - Economist, Nobel laureate in Economics in 1975
*Lev Landau - Physicist; Nobel laureate in Physics in 1962
*Wassily Leontief - Economist; Nobel laureate in Economics in 1973
*Ivan Pavlov - Russian physiologist, psychologist, and physician; Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine in 1904


*Kazimieras Būga - Lithuanian linguist and philologist
*Dmitry Likhachev - Russian scholar
*Lev Gumilev - Russian historian
*Vladimir Lossky - Eastern Orthodox theologian
*Nikolay Marr - Historian and linguist
*Sergey Oldenburg - Russian orientalist
*Boris B. Piotrovsky - Russian academician, historian-orientalist and archaeologist
*Sergey Platonov - Russian historian
*Fyodor Shcherbatskoy - Russian Indologist
*Pitirim Sorokin - sociologist
*Vasily Vasilievich Struve - Soviet Orientalist
*Max Vasmer - German linguist

Government and politics

*Alexander Kerensky, second Prime Minister of the Russian Provisional Government
*Vladimir Lenin - the first head of the Russian SFSR
*Dmitry Medvedev - politician, businessman, lawyer, and the third President of the Russian Federation (2008-present)
*Vladimir Putin - the second President of the Russian Federation (2000-2008); Prime Minister of Russia (2008-present)
*Antanas Smetona - President of Lithuania (first term 1919-1920; second term 1926-1940)
*Anatoly Sobchak - Russian politician and a co-author of the Constitution of the Russian Federation
*Augustinas Voldemaras - Prime Minister of Lithuania

Literature and the arts

* Alexander Blok - Russian poet
*Nikolai Gogol - Ukrainian writer of Russian literature
*Ayn Rand - Russian-born American novelist and philosopher
*Igor Stravinsky - composer

cience and mathematics

*Pafnuty Chebyshev - Russian mathematician
*Vladimir Fock - Soviet physicist
*George Gamow - Russian cosmologist
*Mikhail Gromov - Russian mathematician
*Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov - Russian mathematician
*Dmitry Ivanovsky - Russian biologist
*Wladimir Köppen - Geographer, meteorologist, climatologist and botanist
*Yuri Linnik - Mathematician
*Mikhail Lomonosov - Russian scientist, writer and polymath
*Aleksandr Lyapunov - Russian mathematician, mechanician and physicist
*Andrey Markov - Mathematician
*Dmitri Mendeleev - Chemist; creator of the first version of the periodic table of elements
*Vladimir Rokhlin - Mathematician
*Ivan Sechenov - Russian physiologist
*Nikolai Semenov - Physicist and Chemist
*Grigori Perelman - Russian mathematician
*Vladimir Vernadsky - Russian mineralogist and geochemist
*Georgy Voronoy - Russian mathematician
*Sergei Winogradsky - Russian microbiologist, ecologist and soil scientist


*Vladas Petronaitis - Lithuanian patriot, soldier and martyr
*Gennadiy Shatkov - Olympic champion in boxing

*Leonhard Euler - Swiss mathematician and physicist


* [ The alumni list of the Saint-Petersburg University]

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