Classic Rock Society

Classic Rock Society

Classic Rock Society, also known as the CRS, began life in 1991, originally as a society founded in Rotherham, England at the Florence Nightingale public house, which quickly progressed to become a large and well recognised organisation helping to forward the cause of Progressive rock, and Classic rock. Classic Rock UK Ltd. is now a limited company registered in England but still uses the name "The Classic Rock Society" as a trading mark. The CRS is currently based in Daventry, England.


Live Music Promotions

The Classic Rock Society uses the Wesley Arts Centre, Maltby. Rotherham, England, Montgomery Hall, Wath-on-Dearne, England, and The Lexington, London, England as its venues. Between 1997 and 2007 the CRS also used The Oakwood Centre, Rotherham.

Artists who have performed for the CRS

Artists previously hosted by the CRS include Celtus, The Flower Kings, IQ, Karnataka, Guy Manning, Mostly Autumn, Pallas, Pendragon, Saga, Spocks Beard, Strawbs, The Tangent, Threshold, Touchstone, Tristan Park, the first ever UK gig by Tyketto, Unitopia, Rick Wakeman and Wishbone Ash


Toby Horton, Miles Bartaby, and Stephen Lambe.

Previous Directors have been Martin Hudson, Bernard Law, Steve Tomlin, Dave Cousins, Manning band member Kris Hudson-Lee, Paul Allwood, Jennifer Allan, Terry Craven, Sharon Hudson and David Pearson.

The Magazine - Wondrous Stories / Rock Society

The society started publishing its monthly magazine Wondrous Stories at its inception, which then became Rock Society and is now bi-monthly featuring reviews, interviews with prominent classic rock musicians and up and coming bands.The magazine was one of the first in the UK to promote progressive and classic rock and precedes the Classic Rock magazine by several years, amongst the key contributors are Martin Hudson, Terry Craven, Miles Bartaby, Stephen Lambe, Steve Pilkington, David Pearson, Richard Barnes, James R Turner (whose Notes from the Edge was one of the magazines most popular columns before it was axed) David Winstanley and Bernard Law.

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