Technology and Social Change Centre

Technology and Social Change Centre

This research centre is part of the Institute for Social and Technical Research (ISTR) based at the University of Essex. Predominantly funded by the ESRC, the European Commission, UK Government Departments and industrial partners, the Technology and Social Change centre (TaSC) focuses on the interactions between technology and social change from an empirical social science perspective.

The centre's members have recently engaged in public debates, most notably over the role and success of E-Bay [cite web|url =|title = BBC Article on Research into E-Bay|accessdate = 2007-12-12|year = 2004|publisher = BBC ] as well as the controversial nature of the Research Assessment Exercise which excludes thousands of interdisciplinary researchers from its assessment [cite web|url =|title = 'What a waste': 2008's rejects vent dismay, Time Higher Education Supplement|accessdate = 2007-12-12|year = 2007|publisher = TSL Education ] .

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