Lattix, Inc.

Lattix, Inc.

Lattix is a provider of software architecture management solutions. Lattix has pioneered an award-winning approach using system interdependencies to create an accurate blueprint of software applications, databases and systems. [ [;jsessionid=Z4GZKBVQCWI0WQSNDLPCKHSCJUNN2JVN?pgno=8 2006 Jolt Product Excellence Award for Design Tools and Modeling by Dr. Dobb's] ]

Lattix LDM is a commercial static code analysis tool for software architects and developers. Lattix LDM extracts dependency information through static code analysis and utilizes the Dependency Structure Matrix and dependency rules to visualize, test and maintain the architecture of their complex software systems [ [ Using Dependency Models to Manage Complex Software Architecture] ] . Lattix LDM can be used at any stage of development to understand and improve the architecture, eliminate rogue dependencies, expedite refactoring efforts and reduce defects [ [ Large Scale Refactoring through Architecture Visibility] ] .

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* [ Lattix website]
* [ To Know the Dependencies is To Understand the Architecture at JavaOne 2006 by Neeraj Sangal]

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