Andy Baio (blogger)

Andy Baio (blogger)

Andy Baio (born April 22, 1977) is an American technologist and blogger. He is the founder of, and the author of the blog.


In 2003, Baio launched, a collaborative event calendar. [ [ ONLINE DIARY - New York Times ] ] The site was acquired by Yahoo for an undisclosed sum in 2005. [ [ Yahoo acquires | CNET ] ] In 2007, Baio announced his departure from Yahoo. [ [ creator leaving Yahoo - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal: ] ] [ [ Upcoming's Founder on Going From Giants to Startups (and Back Again) | Epicenter from ] ] .

Baio writes mostly about technology and media on, and publishes a sideblog known as Waxy Links. Baio was one of the first bloggers to draw attention to the Star Wars Kid video, which depicted a teenager clumsily emulating martial arts moves for the camera. [ [ 'Star Wars Kid' Gets Bucks From Blogs ] ] [ [ under the iron ] ] He was the first to identify the youth and interview him. [ [ Finding the Star Wars Kid] ] In response to the negative attention the boy received, Baio later organized a fundraiser for him, raising $4,300 in a week. [ [ 'Star Wars Kid' Gets Bucks From Blogs ] ] [ [ - 'Star Wars Kid' becomes unwilling Internet star ] ]

When the parody cartoon House of Cosbys was taken down from its original site due to a cease and desist letter from Bill Cosby's attorney, Baio placed the videos on his own website. [ [ House of Cosbys, Mirrored ] ] Baio later received a similar cease and desist letter but refused to comply, citing fair use and decrying what he termed "a special kind of discrimination against amateur creators on the Internet", since Cosby had often been parodied in the mainstream media. [ [ Cosby's Lawyers See No Flattery in an Imitation - New York Times ] ]

Baio has also written for Wired magazine [ [ Wired 15.04: START ] ] and was a staffer on R. U. Sirius' online magazine [ [ Andrew Baio ] ]


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* [] main blog
* [ Waxy Links] links selected by Baio, each with a few words of commentary

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