List of radio stations in Albania

List of radio stations in Albania

Below is a list of radio stations operating on the territory of the Republic of Albania.1

National networks

* Radio Tirana I - The first channel in radio of Albania's public broadcaster, RTSH.
* Top Albania Radio
* Plus 2 Radio

Local networks

* Alsion Radio
* AMC Love Radio
* Boom Boom Radio
* Club FM
* My Music Radio
* Radio +3
* Radio 6 (Albania)
* Radio 7 (Albania)
* Radio ABC
* Radio Aldo 03
* Radio Alfa
* Radio Alfa dhe Omega
* Radio Alpo
* Radio ALSAT
* Radio Armonia
* Radio Dee-Jay (Albania)
* Radio Tirana II - Second channel of public broadcaster RTSH focused on the youth, at 95.8 MHz in Tirana.
* Radio e Parë
* Radio Egnatia
* Radio Emanuel
* Radio Eurostar
* Radio Fieri
* Radio House of Arts
* Radio Ime - The first independent radio station in Tirana.
* Radio Klea
* Radio Kontakt - Home of famous Albanian journalists such as Reiz Cico, Elona Meco, Erton Sinani, Alketa Vejsiu, Desada Metaj, Eva Simoni, etc.
* Radio Lezha
* Radio Logos
* Radio Magic
* Radio Magic Star
* Radio Nacional (Albania) - A mix of Albanian music.
* Radio New Planet (Albania)
* Radio Ngjallja - Station affiliated to the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania.
* Radio NRG - Energetic music at 106.6 MHz in Tirana.
* Radio Perla
* Radio Planet Albania - One of its programs is called Poetic Eros (Eros Poetik).
* Radio Prespa
* Radio RASH - A station on Tirana's lifestyle and affairs.
* Radio Real
* Radio Rock (Albania)
* Radio Saranda
* Radio Scorpion
* Radio Shqip
* Radio Sport (Albania)
* Radio Star (Albania)
* Radio Vala e Kaltër
* Radio X Albania
* Top Gold Radio - Plays a mix of the best works of music of all times.


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