Penny (disambiguation)

Penny (disambiguation)

A penny is a coin used in several English-speaking countries.

Penny may also refer to:


*Penny (United States coin)
*Penny (Canadian coin)

Given name

Sometimes short for Penelope; see for persons with this name
*Penny (The Rescuers), fictional character
*Penny, fictional character in "Inspector Gadget"
*Penny, fictional character in "The Big Bang Theory"
*Penny Sanchez, fictional character in the animated television series "ChalkZone"
*Penny, a character in The Mighty B


*"Pennies", a song on the Smashing Pumpkins' "Zero" EP
*"Penny Lane", a song by The Beatles


*Pennie (soccer), a type of jersey
*The Penny, short-lived London newspaper
*Pennying, drinking game popular in United Kingdom universities
*Penny, female counterpart to Tux the Penguin in Linux computer games

ee also

*Penney, surname
*Penney (disambiguation)
*Penni (disambiguation)
*Pence (disambiguation)
*Penelope (disambiguation)

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